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If you have a vision of a cat tree that you would like made, please let us know. If you can be descriptive about want you want with your custom cat tree, we can most likely make it for you. Cat furniture is are business. That’s why are cat gyms don’t look like all the same trees you see all over the internet. Those sellers are just “Resellers” of cardboard, faux fur, chip board stuff that is made overseas. Try to get any of them to customize a part on the cat post they offer. They can’t, because they are made in a factory in pieces in Asia and then shipped over to the USA.

Carpeted cat trees are the best. They make great scratching posts too.

Hubby and I have been looking at building a cat tree for new kittens we will be getting this summer. We didnt want to spend a lot, since we are on a limited budget.
We have new neighbors who just replaced their carpet, and were kind enough to give us some reminants. We also found some in our attic. Then on Craiglist we found someone who was getting rid of some plywood scraps, and 2x4s. After looking at them the next day, some may not be in good enough condition. But the guy said he should have more this weekend, and he has some carpet pieces also. My dad says he has plywood and 2x4s we can have too.

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Cool Modern Cat Tree Without Carpet From Katris. Cat furniture you can be proud of. Now, I won’t argue that carpet-covered cat trees don’t serve their purpose: They give cats a place to climb and lounge, they usually include some kind of carpet or sisal scratching surface, and, most importantly, they become something that kitty can own, an important part of creating a welcoming home for your cat. But it has to sit in your living room, so why not get something that isn’t an eyesore?

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Looking for something sleek and contemporary? Check out the . Give your cat lots of variety with open platforms and enclosed hideaways, all with inset carpet to prevent slipping. The Sebastian Cat Tree would fit seamlessly into a modern home, guests might not even recognize it as a cat tower. Available in black or white to match your decor.

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Owning a cat tree house usually means that you own a very active cat. The purpose of the cat tree house is to get your feline friend to scratch the tree instead of your expensive furniture. Over time the cat tree house can become very dirty from general dust and dirt to cat hair, broken nails, and possibly even hairballs. Whatever the reason, you want to keep it clean, as a dirty cat tree house can cause your pet to become ill. Cleaning the carpet that lines it is important, as the wrong cleaner could cause your cat to get, sick as they have a tendency to eat bits of it. The following article will run down a list of cleaners safe for the cat tree house carpet and your cat.Cleaning a cat tree house carpet with a carpet cleaner that creates suds could be harmful since residue from the soap still remains in the fibers of the carpet, and the cat may nibble on the carpet. This will lead to them ingesting the soap, which can cause bad stomach issues.