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Today, July 23,2011 I am going to protest at Chesterfield for the implementation of True No Kill. I may be the only one, since my friends in rescue are going to adoption events because as foster homes, we are full and overflowing. I am bring food for the animals and some things for the staff. The implementation of No Kill would allow this shelter to be better for everyone. Yes, corruption is rampant here but eventually if a better way is presented and the staff is made aware of how they are being manipulated they will go against the old way. After an outbreak of feline distemper, the cats and kittens who were not exposed were taken to a vets office. Though cleared as healthy by the vet, the shelter is refusing to take them back. They will be killed in days, for nothing. We have a very long way to go with this place, but it is possible. Don’t forget Chesterfield.

On June 9, Metro Richmond Pet Savers (MRPS) held a mega-adoption event at Chesterfield Animal Control located at 9300 Public Works Road.

The facility, at 17357 Edison Ave., opened in 2006 and is one of three Humane Society of Missouri animal adoption centers/veterinary clinics in the St. Louis area – there are also locations in Maryland Heights and St. Louis. The Chesterfield site was designated the Kuehner Center in 2014, endowed by Kim Kuehner in memory of his parents Horty and Howard Kuehner and his sister Kerry Kuehner.

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Animal Pals has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Chesterfield, MI. The Humane Society of Missouri’s Kuehner Center, in Chesterfield, offers pet adoptions, a veterinary care center for the community, receiving services for unwanted animals, humane education programs and even a pet-themed gift shop– all to benefit animals and the people who love them.

Chesterfield, SC - Pet Adoption

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - The Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan is having a pet adoption event from noon to 4 p.m. today at the Chesterfield Walmart.

Chesterfield, MI - Pet Adoption

New for this year we have added the Walk4Paws 1 miler for you and your favorite dog(s). Bring your dog(s) out for the blessing of the animals in honor of St. Francis of Assisi Day and then walk a mile together. Chesterfield County Animal Control will also be holding a no fee adoption day and open house beginning at 10:30. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Chesterfield Humane Society. Chesterfield County is revising its policies and procedures to adopt a “no-kill policy” for healthy dogs and cats at the Chesterfield Animal Shelter and considering new requirements that all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.The Chesterfield Animal Shelter will be promoting this message during its first Pit Bull Awareness Adoption Event, held in recognition of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, this Saturday.The pet savers organization, known as MRPS, is a collaborative group of local animal rescue groups and shelters that work to increase the adoption of cats and dogs from county/city animal shelters. The group holds adopt-a-thon events each month at PetSmart locations in Chesterfield and Henrico counties. This will be MRPS’ first adopt-a-thon at a municipal shelter.