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Some people who use draft animals joke that their motivation is that "they start every time, unlike my tractor." It's true that draft animals perform well even in cold weather, when machinery is hard to start. But it's vital to remember that an animal, unlike a machine, has maintenance needs even when it's not being used. Though the inputs required may be comparatively low in cost, draft animals will need to be fed and watered all year long. It comes as a surprise to some people that a working draft horse consumes considerably more feed than a pastured riding horse. Furthermore, horses and other working animals need regular foot care, veterinary care and properly fitted harness. And, like any high-performance athlete, draft animals need conditioning if they're going to provide peak output for any length of time.

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Stylish Harness for Effective Behavioral Therapy The Company Of Animals Halti Harness, designed by Dr. Roger Mugford, has a unique and patented front attachment system that controls dogs' chest and shoulders. The harness stops pulling, calms...

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durable modeling The Company of Animals Halti Dog Harness Draft animals can offer farmers the advantage of a low initial investment in farm motive power compared to the purchase of even a relatively small tractor. A prospective horse farmer can spend a great deal of money on registered stock, harness and equipment. But it's also possible to obtain perfectly serviceable trained animals, used harness and functional equipment at reasonable prices. If saving money by using draft animals is your motivation, you may be able to do so. Just don't cut corners on safety in the interest of cutting cost. For a novice operator, a well-trained animal is well worth the cost. Sturdy, complete harness is vital.

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Many thanks to the Company of Animals for sending Buttons a harness to review! Find out more about the harness and it's sizes at .

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About The Company of Animals
The Company of Animals, founded by Dr Roger Mugford, is the UK’s leading producers of pet specialist products. Inventors of the famous HALTI and HALTI-Harness products, the company has gone on to develop many more best selling products such as the Pet Corrector, Coachies and CLIX. The Company of Animals also distribute key ranges including Pet Head & Nina Ottosson.Draft animals offer a unique flexibility in farm work. If you find you need more horsepower to accomplish what you need to do on a daily basis, it's comparatively simple to add another power unit. Horses may be worked single or in a hitch. Horses are commonly worked as a team, which tends to create a synergy that lets them accomplish more work. By modifying hitch and harness arrangements, it's fairly easy to add a third or fourth power unit. It's theoretically possible to go on increasing the hitch size nearly infinitely, but the power advantage is rapidly diminished by reduced maneuverability and control, not to mention cost. Though 50-horse hitches were not unheard of in days before tractors became common in Western wheat-producing regions, today large hitches are more of a publicity stunt than a practical power source. A working hitch of four horses is common. A hitch of six is less common, but not unusual. Larger working hitches are rare enough to be newsworthy.