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Heat can have a major effect on small pets, especially during the summer months. The increased temperatures and higher humidity levels can be problematic, and small pets can easily become overheated during periods of warm weather. Watch your pet closely for any signs of heatstroke (such as increased respiration, lethargy and red gums or tongue) and obtain immediate veterinary assistance if your pet exhibits symptoms. If you need to provide emergency treatment for your pet, the American Veterinary Medical Association suggests moving your pet to a shaded location.
Frozen water bottles provide an effective way to keep your bunny, guinea pig, chinchilla or ferret cool and comfortable during hot spells. Simply pop a bottle in the freezer and then transfer the frozen bottle to your pet's abode. They'll appreciate having the cold object to sit beside or lie next to, and you can keep replacement bottles in the freezer to ensure that your pet will have regular access to cool relief during hot weather.

Reptiles are cool pets, and we've found the 7 best to chill with, from small to large to VERY large.

Sometimes they're standing far in the background ears perked in curiosity, other times hidden among the pillows on the couch or sheepishly peering around the corner. Occasionally they're relaxing proudly and prominently on our beds: they're our pets. Trying to find all the cats and dogs from this year's contest was like playing a fun four-legged game of ?, our furry friends embodying the axiom, "home is where the heart is". Here are the pets of Small Cool 2013!

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Jul 19, 2013 - Small exotic pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and others are at prone to heat exhaustion. These tips can help them stay cool in the summer! This is a really cool article; I love that people are sharing some of the more unusual small pets with the world :) I've had mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats (I LOVE rats), hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes, rabbits, and fish. I've been campaigning fruitlessly for a ferret for years... currently I have a peach-faced lovebird (the most perfect pet ever), ring-necked dove (might be worth mentioning), and a rat in addition to chickens, dogs, and a cat. I have to say, as a cat person, I was fascinated by the genet! I'd consider getting one if I didn't need a parrot in my life :)

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According to the Humane Society of the United States, pets—including small pets—should never be left unattended in a vehicle on a warm or sunny day. They caution that the temperature in a vehicle can increase at a rapid rate and your pet could be in serious danger in an extremely short period of time. If you're traveling with your pet, make sure to take proper precautions to keep them cool, and never leave them alone in a vehicle.
On a similar note, always be sure to keep your pet's habitat out of direct sunlight. This is vital to the safety of your pet, so be sure to diligently watch where the sun hits the room during various parts of the day and select a location that is out of direct sunlight. While fans and air conditioning units can prove beneficial for effectively cooling a room, always make sure that cold air is not blowing directly on your pet.

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