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Protect your pet by making sure that they’re covered for unexpected accidents and illnesses. Plans from Pets Best offer you comprehensive coverage for:

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See any licensed veterinarian, including emergency centers and specialists. Surgeries include operations to remove foreign bodies like swallowed socks, surgeries for mass removals, and more.

Our plans also cover pre-anesthesia tests. Veterinarians typically require pre-anesthetic blood work to be performed before a pet’s surgery.

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- Tether inside the cart cover attaches to your pet's collar or harness for security. Our love of cats and dogs is why we provide comprehensive coverage for pets and strive to offer an exceptional insurance experience for pet owners. We can approve and pay bills directly to select veterinary hospitals within minutes, our customer care team is available to assist 24/7, and we have trained veterinary professionals working throughout our company to help us better understand the medical issues pets face. Because of these unique offerings, we consider ourself a step above traditional pet insurance and prefer to be known as medical insurance for cats and dogs. No matter what you choose to call us, rest assured that our policy has what it takes to help protect your pet:

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Universal Black Seat Protector for Pets by Coverking®. Seat Protector is a durable barrier for protecting your seats' upholstery from your cargo and your pet's claws and fur. Seat Protectors are produced from ballistic polyester which is both durable and handy.

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Cats and dogs are much-loved pets that keep owners company, lower the risk of developing stress, and keep owners happy overall. However, with their sharp claws and rapidly shedding furry bodies, they often scratch seats and soil living spaces including vehicles. If you travel with your pet to work or outdoor adventures often and want to protect your car’s seat from damage, one of the most effective remedies to use is a well-made seat cover. They are affordable, easy to use, and are attainable in an array of fabrics and designs that work well in several types of vehicles. For best results, here are our picks for the 10 best covers to buy:Measuring approximately 47-inches by 56-inches (length and height), this bench seat cover by AmazonBasics is a well-built seat cover for pets that create a sturdy, waterproof barrier when in use. It is tidy, very easy to install and use, and made of a comfortable 100% polyester fabric that not only protects seats from scratches, but also dirt, spill, and even dander. Off the shelf, this cover ships ready to use. Its elastic straps loop conveniently on seat anchors and head rests, while its novel spot clean design is relatively easy to clean/ maintain with ordinary soap and water.