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I got my crestie from petsmart (big mistake, I know) in late January of this year. At my petsmart they only feed their cresteds crickets. For a large portion of the time I've had Moe, I was syringe feeding him the petsmart generic "All Living Things" brand CGD. He refused to eat any insects for about 2 months when I first got him. He was in a 30 gallon tank (24Lx12Wx24T) for a while. I downsized to a 10 gallon in hopes he might eat on his own, nothing. I downsized to a medium sized critter keeper, he started eating crickets. At that time he was under 10 grams. When he went over 15 grams I moved him up to a 27 quart tub, still only crickets. I switched to Pangea with insects and got a nice feeding ledge, no difference. I was told to mix the powder with apple juice, nothing. Mixed it with honey, no interest still. Tried different consistencies, no. Tried different temperatures (food), nothing. Let the food sit out, still no interest. I fasted him for 12 days, and had a bowl of CGD mixed with water, one with honey, and one with apple juice, nothing. Yesterday I bought Repashy CGD, even less interested than the rest, he shook it off of his face instead of licking it like he typically does.

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My snails go to the surface every once in a while for a "breath" of fresh air with their siphons. But the Petsmart snails can't do that in that critter keeper if it is sitting on the bottom of that bigger tank. What will happen if they can't ever go to the surface of the water to do that?


Grreat Choice® Critter Keeper Small Animal Home | Travel Carriers | PetSmart Minimally, put the fish in QT and dose with AQ salt to give the electrolytes a boost. Daily water changes if possible and keep the temp around 75 (if bacterial, they thrive at higher temps). If you don't have a tank available, a critter keeper at Petco/Petsmart will cost you around $10 for the 3 gallon. You can put a 25w heater in there.

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(1) *medium sized Critter Keeper, a plastic box that you can purchase at your local WalMart or Petsmart which comes with a lid and usually a handle on the smaller ones. *Size you buy is dependent upon if you intend to house the babies in there for any length of time or if it is merely to get them hatched out and moved to a regular tank just after hatching. Cost: $7.00 or more on average, depending on size.

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