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So do you really love cute hamster games and pet caring games? Then you should definitely download this amazing Cute Hamster - Pet Caring Game for kids!

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Mouse hamster so cute - 2016. Mouse vs hamster. ... My Virtual Hamster - Pet Mouse Game for Kids, Boys and Girls. Hamster discovers a mouse in his house
►Most pet stores will send your small fuzzy home in a cardboard box. We live 7 minutes from our pet store and the hampy we got yesterday almost chewed her way out of the box by the time we got home!
►Hamsters, mice and gerbils are all chewers to varying degrees
Hamsters, mice and gerbils need access to food and water 24 hours a day because they have very high metabolic rates.
Hamsters, mice and gerbils are very fragile

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From to , and , Super Mario Bros. knows how to infiltrate the hearts of gamers around Japan. If there’s one guaranteed way to get a collective awww out of the nation though, it’s with a cute animal, and this fan of the franchise has got people’s attention with an impressive display from their pet hamster, who smashes its way through the first level of the game, thanks to an adorable Super Mario Bros. diorama course. To see the gaming hamster in action, take a look at the short clip below!

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The Chinese have a length of 4-5 inches and are also known as striped, gray, or rat-tailed hamsters. They are dark gray with a dark stripe down the back and have a longer tail than other hamsters. They can live 2 1/2 – 3 years and can happily live alone. This cute rodent can be quite gentle and can make a terrific pet. So, you want to get a super cute, chubby-cheeked or as a family pet, but not sure which is a better match for your home? You already know that guinea pigs are substantially bigger than hamsters, but are there any sizeable differences between the two in terms of social needs, time commitment, equipment, lifestyle fit, etc? The answer is a resounding yes. Before you pick up your new furry family member, ask yourself the following questions to see which one is the best fit for you.Funny & Cute Clip of the Russian Hamsters racing against each other on their running wheel.

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This article will give you some guidance and advice on choosing the best hamster name for your pet as well as a list of hamster names for your particular situation! When naming dwarf hamsters, the excellent idea is to give them complimentary names that sound cute together. An example of this would be “Bill and Bob.” Sometimes your pets choose their own names by exhibiting certain characteristics or traits. Perhaps they have a distinct look about them that fits a particular name perfectly.