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The series is a part of the company's franchise reboot, where Hasbro released a new line of Littlest Pet Shop toys designed to more closely resemble the characters on the show. A mobile game and comic book adaptation were also commissioned.

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The musical, , opened at the in London, in 2001, with financial backing from 's . Reviews were mixed and although the run was initially extended, it closed earlier than expected, due to poor ticket sales, in October 2001. Around the time of the London closure, Tennant said that they were in talks to take the musical to various locations in Europe (particularly Germany, which is a big market for Pet Shop Boys) and to take it to New York. Nothing further was issued by the Pet Shop Boys or Really Useful Group regarding these performances; in 2005, a series of performances were staged in the , Australia, though they were arranged independently of Pet Shop Boys and the Really Useful Group.

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Music video by Pet Shop Boys performing Domino Dancing (2003 Digital Remaster). The duo have always been interested in the , design and photography of their own releases. Photographer helped shape the original image of Pet Shop Boys, creating many of their and from 1984 to 1991. In design they have primarily worked with , who designed the of their first album release in 1986. The collaboration between Mark Farrow and Pet Shop Boys is comparable to the designer/band relationship of and , and , or the epic-length collaboration of and . Their are quite often very and the attention to detail is obvious. In October 2006, British art publisher Thames & Hudson published a 336-page hardcover book titled , by and , showcasing the group's accomplishments in artwork, design and music. A German-language edition was also published. An exhibition of photographs of Pet Shop Boys was organised at the National Portrait Gallery in London to coincide with the publication.

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Even the band's fan base has been subject to commentary. In 2001, music theorist Fred Maus wrote that, contrary to the ideologies of anti-commercialism and embodied by "serious" discussions of such as rock, Pet Shop Boys fans exhibit "an undisguised love of commercial success". This was demonstrated through discussions from 1998 onwards, in which fans voiced concern over the "most commercially promising selection and marketing of singles" for the then-upcoming , and debated the quality of the then-recent , spurred by the album's poorer performance in sales. Most posters, Maus summarised, feared that the band's appeal would become essentially limited to a ; "dissent, along the lines that the fans would always have the Pet Shop Boys, no matter what happened commercially, was scarce and ineffectual". Noting the fact that Pet Shop Boys "began their career with hits", Maus made the point that this early success was valued by fans: the band's "large audiences" were just as important to "many fans" as the making of "distinctive music that individual fans loved".

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