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Chris Onthank, CEO and founder of Dog Gone Smart (DGS) Pet Products in Nor-
walk, Conn., was practically
born into the pet industry. With
American Kennel Club judges as
well as dachshund and blood-
hound breeders in the family,

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What do you feel is your biggest contribution to the pet industry? Dog Gone Smart strives to bring original, solution-based products to the pet market. My ability to understand the needs of pet owner and assist in developing fun, unique and safe products is an extremely rewarding part of my role. Innovation and consumer value are at the forefront of all product development at DGS.

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Client: DGS Pet Products. In 1993, he founded the DGScanine center, a pioneer in dogday care and a place where Onthank could focus on training tohelp owners improve their pets’behavioral issues. More than a decade later, he broke off on an adjacent venture in nanotechnologyand pet bedding. The company’ssmart problem-solving productsnever stray from its focus to provide innovative and high-qualitypet products and to be a global industry leader in adapting and developing the most technologicallyadvanced solutions to common,everyday pet problems.

Dog Gone Smart's newest NINJA Beds are tough enough for any breed!

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