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The B vitamins are natural appetite stimulants and are available over the counter. Brewers yeast is a good source of B vitamins, and the tablets can be given as a treat. It is also available as a powder that can be sprinkled on food. Pet stores offer all-around supplements for dogs that ensure they are getting sufficient vitamins and minerals even if they lack appetite.

Natural support for pain, appetite stimulant and digestive for cats and dogs ..

Pet owners are always worried about their cat's health. This is because these fussy, bossy creatures are not very open about their emotions, unlike a dog who will wag his tail when he sees you, or licks you to show his love. Your cat too loves you, but shows its affections in a very subtle way. If your cat is sick or unwell, she will hide in a corner or under the bed and sleep off the pain. This is the time when you are worried, as you want to help your cat, but don't know how. When she stops eating, it becomes even more worrisome. However, natural appetite stimulants help renew hunger and will get her to eat again.

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Appetite Stimulant For Puppy found in: Nutri-Cal in Dogs, Natural Balance Ultra Premium Lamb Formula Canned Dog Food in Dogs, Natural Balance Ultra.. (5) Add some crumbled egg yolk - egg yolks and clarified butter (called ghee) are natural appetite stimulants for dogs. Try mixing it into their kibble or wet food when they are not interested in their usual meal.

and can also serve as a mild appetite stimulant to both dogs and cats

can helpmaintain a healthy digestive system.
acts as a tonicand stimulant.
can be helpfulfor dogs showing signs of stiffness.
can help to stimulatea dog's appetite - acting like a tonic. The powdered form of thecommon stinging nettle is often used in cases of flaky or scurfyskin conditions and hair loss where bald patches appear. It canalso help the hair to grow back!
is a herbfrom South Africa that can help to maintain healthy joints -beneficial to dogs showing signs of stiffness.
A naturalantioxidant - mopping up free radicals.

Mar 2, 2013 - It can really vary from dog to dog

An excellent appetite restorer that also aids in digestion is NR Daily Health tablets. This Juliette de Bairacli Levy formula is blended with couchgrass, garlic, molasses, barley, kelp, and hops. Dried hops are truly one of nature's best appetite stimulants and couchgrass is a most important intestinal cleansing herb for dogs. The blend promotes overall vitality and well being. I have given these to all my dogs for nine years now, and their health has been excellent.The non eating phase is a very difficult time for both owners and the pets. The less the dog eats the more stressed the parent gets which then stresses the pet more. Through multiple episodes of experience we have had to learn that sometimes the dog has a change in taste or are just flat out not hungry. We used Pedialite in the water for a bit, would set down three or four different types of food to see which ones she might have the taste for but most important was that we had to be patient and not get frustrated. If after three days she still wasnt eating, we then got appetite stimulants from the vet.
At the time we also used Natural Balance treat logs which usually worked but now I would not reccommend that if your dog has cancer. Natural Balance Dog Food log now has SUGAR listed as the third ingredient in these logs. I was very disappointed when I found this out, especially since it has been reported that cancer “feeds” off of sugar. For a dog food that used to be of high quality, to have sugar listed as the third ingredient is not of the best quality for some of our three legged friends with cancer.
Also helpful was our Animal Communicator and Reiki specialist who was able to communicate with Riley to let us know what types of food she was craving, if any.