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Dog / pet strollers are especially popular with those who have disabled or older dogs with limited mobility and are less able to get around on foot. In hot weather, dogs run the risk of overheating when out on walks and in cold weather, ice and grit on paths and roads can be harsh on your dog’s paws. Taking your pet out in one of these stylish strollers can protect them in all different climates.

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Most customers report having the stroller for years and it's almost as new. The ride is very smooth, and if I could explain and review this pet stroller for dogs in one word, it would be: “works.” It's very simple, straightforward, and hardly will need to be replaced.

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I SO need this......Pet Gear Dog Stroller Expedition Pet Stroller Blue up to 150 lbs PG8800SB This large dog stroller will provide you with an opportunity to spend more time outdoors with your favorite pet. It is good not only for moving around but also for shopping. Due to its easy foldable construction, this pet stroller is convenient for taking your furry (or not furry) friend on a picnic, trip to another country or making your other audacious dreams come true. Moreover, it is a perfect item for avoiding such unpleasant moments when you notice an aggressive dog on your way but have no opportunity to change a trajectory of your root. Thus, this pet stroller can even save the life of your furry creature because large and aggressive dogs will not be able to attack your pet. To sum up, this stroller will definitely help your dog live a bright and happy life!

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In general, Pet Gear pet strollers are considered to be the hottest-selling goods for pets. The design of Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller model includes 1 front wheel and 2 back wheels. It allows you not only to take it for walking outside but also for jogging with your pet. It should be added that a manufacturer equipped this stroller with front shock absorbers and back brakes. Being equipped with a weather cover and bolster pad for the comfort of your furry friend, this carriage has become an ideal dog jogging stroller. As pet owners report, jogging sessions make their dogs extremely happy!

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