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Jaclyn chased the coyote while blowing a whistle PetSmart dog trainer Linda Voller had recommended. The whistle was loud, Jaclyn said, but according to Voller it's the whistle's high pitch that annoys dogs- and coyotes- enough to stop them in their tracks. The whistle's high frequency pitch is inaudible to the human ear, but dogs respond to the sound during training sessions and in the wild, Voller said.

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Curb bad behavior and train your dog well with a silent dog whistle. Available in small or large. Made exclusively for PetSmart. The silent whistle is an excellent ...

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Top Paw Silent Dog Whistle at PetSmart. Shop all dog training & behavior accessories online Voller uses the whistle to train dogs at the Westlake Village PetSmart. Jaclyn said Voller recommended using the whistle when she found out about her nature hikes with Roxy.

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Anyway, I bought a "silent" dog whistle at Petsmart. There is nothing silent about it at all. It is perfectly audible to me. Have you tried it with other people?

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Whistle and PetSmart have teamed up to offer the first insider’s experience guide for dog owners – – to discover new local trails and activities for their pets in cities across the United States. The guide is filled with curated dog-friendly trails, parks and recommendations on eateries for dog owners to enjoy with their furry family members. Places featured in include local favorites and best-kept secrets to give dog owners new opportunities to enjoy memorable experiences and special sights with their dogs, increasing the bond and connection of this treasured relationship. Apr 09, 2009 · Checked out silent dog whistles at Petco & PetSmart and they had bad reviews. Anyone know of a brand that actually works ... Best silent dog whistle?