Dwarf bunnies are like other pet rabbits, only smaller

Netherland Dwarf rabbits can make ideal pets because of their size. Netherland Dwarfs can be kept in a bedroom, in a basement or garage or outside. When choosing the best location in your home for your rabbit, remember to choose a spot that does not have a draft. If you are going to keep your rabbit outside, you will need to make sure its cage offers a space for it to get out of the elemets and has plenty of hay for it to build a warm nest. You will also need to check its water more frequently because of the danger of freezing that would not allow your rabbit to get the essential water it needs. When chosing your indoor location, do not place the cage next to a heater, curtains or wires (that can be pulled in and chewed)

Love pets, but never had a rabbit and wasn't aware of dwarf rabbits. Thanks for the info.

Here is an adorable, small, and playful bunny rabbit! A little late for Easter, but these Dwarf Hotot Rabbits actually make fantastic pets! They are not quite as common as some other pet rabbits, but they are oh-so-cute! I am not sure if we ever kept any of these rabbits at our pet store, but they were available for special order and I’ve definitely run into them at rabbit shows. Many people like them to show them! Being petite and a beautiful pure white color with black bands around their eyes, they really stand out. Their name is pronounced Dwarf “Oh-Toe” Rabbit and are also known as Eyes of the Fancy.

This adds to their adorableness, making them popular pets

Caring for Dwarf Rabbits as pets is essential to ensure that the rabbits live a healthy life for around 8 to 13 years. Many rabbits sold in are Netherland Dwarfs, Netherland Dwarf- (often referred to simply as ), or Netherland Dwarf . Their popularity as pets stems from their babyish appearance. Many people also use Netherland Dwarfs for showing. Despite being smaller than other breeds Netherland Dwarfs are very active and, as with all rabbits, need a good amount of space to move around and exercise.

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Early dwarfs, even into the 1970s and 1980s, had fearful and sometimes aggressive . This was a result of selecting wild for their size. The first dwarf rabbits behaved more like these rabbits than domestic animals and were not good pets. However, through generations of , the modern Netherland Dwarf has become a gentle, friendly pet rabbit, though it still can retain a more energetic disposition than larger breeds.

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Rabbit toys, Rabbit diseases, Dwarf Rabbits as pets, sudden wetness of fur in Rabbits and Dwarf Rabbit diet these and more are topics I will cover in this article. I will use my own experience with my pet rabbit Ronja to discuss the subject of Dwarf...The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is the smallest breed of rabbit. Their cute, babyish appearance makes them very popular pets. Their small size is actually due to a dwarf gene, which was first discovered in rabbits in the mid-1900s. A breeder in Holland was the first to use this gene to create very .