Video: Couple allegedly steal baby ferret from Kansas pet store

At pet stores, ferrets generally cost between $100 to $200. Most of these ferrets are already neutered and de-scented by the breeder before being shipped to the pet store. Some controversy exists about altering the ferrets at a young age (5 to 7 weeks). Some people believe that early altering (before 6 months of age) may cause some health problems – such as adrenal disease – later in the ferret’s life.

A woman was caught on camera stealing a ferret from a Northshore pet store.

The problem with a petshop is that some ferrets has to stay there in a cage for several months, and some of the ferrets will get depressed and agressiv. We all know that children often makes a lot of noise in a petstore, and this makes the ferret feel insecure, afraid and stressed.

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The theft of the animal was caught on camera. You can see an adult helping a boy steal the ferret from the Pet Palace pet store in Huntington. I have rescued 2 ferrets myself….This thread has nothing to do with SHELTERS!!!!Selling ferrets in petstore will incourage private persons to sell THEIR ferrets to Petshops…I realize that some Petshops are serious, but there are to many that are not! Buying them only from breeders(like you do with dogs) will also prevent that many bad persons cant get a hold on a innocent ferret…In a petshop ANYONE can by a ferret. Breeders can say “no” if they think the buyer dosnt look fit.

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A man was driving in his 2017 Toyota Camry when he noticed a pet store on fire. He called 911 from the bluetooth on his car and quickly sprang into action to rescue the animals. He received a ferret as a reward, but his friends are more impressed with his new red Camry.

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As far as buying from a breeder…well that is nice if you can find one. Another thing with private breeders is that you often have to pay for the spay/neutar, decenting and shots. From the petstore they generally come from a place like Marshall Farms, and the ferrets come to the pet store with all these things done (first distemper shot).Anyways, My friend had many ferrets. She bought her first one from a breeder, it was very agressive. She adopted her second one from F.I.R.S.T. (a ferret rescue society) he was a doll.
After he was gone, she bought 3 from Pet Stores only one of the 3 would bite alot and was a bit agressive. When i did my research i kinda of thought a breeder was best, But i talked to more and more Pet shops and they told me the Ferrets actually came from a place where they breed only Ferrets, NOT like a mill, all the animals where vet checked and they hired High school kids to handle and play with the young ferrets.
So i think wether you go with a breeder or a pet shop, do your research and ask questions on WHERE the animals came from, and how they were handled, if they were.I got my first ferret by rescue, wich is the best way to get a ferret. There are far to many ferrets out that need homes already, you can hop onto google and find a rescue nearestto you. I did however make a mistake when I bought my second from a pet store, But my first fuzzy was so depressed because I had to be gone all day that I just went ahead and got one (BAD MOVE). The answer to you r quetion is that the difference is that “pet store” ferrets are much more liable to get adrenal disease due to early weaning and early surgery while the breeder ferrets are weaned much later and some don’t de-scent there at all or until they have reached sexual maturaty. Any questions just ask.WRONG…the pet store has the paper that states when the batch of ferrets were born, when they were spade/neutered and when they had their first shots. There is no difference in getting one from a shelter or pet store….