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Use the search below to find adoptable pets from us and our rescue partners. These pets can all be found at one of two Best Friends locations in Los Angeles.

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Find Hero Town at the 1890 Ranch PetSmart every Friday through Sunday, and the Balcones PetSmart every Saturday. Adoptable cats are housed daily at both stores: PetSmart 1890 Ranch (1335 E. Whitestone Blvd) and Balcones (11150 Research Blvd #100).

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Find Adoptable Pets Even though living in a cat rescue situation isn't ideal, most rescues (and some animal shelters) try to make the cats more adjustable and adoptable. Sometimes they will expose the animals in their care to other animals in order to help socialize them, making them more playful and able to live with all types of pets. Also, many rescue organizations use foster homes. Foster homes are terrific because adoptable pets get to be socialized with children and other pets while in their temporary foster home, giving them essential experience and training before they go to their new adopted homes. This makes the transition to your home easier and smoother for both the adopted pet and you, the guardian. Whether in a foster home, a boarding situation, or a shelter, many cats available for adoption are already housebroken, litterbox trained and ready to go! This is one of the most positive aspects of pet adoption. Foster parents, have dedicated their time and energy to making pets more adoptable. Remember, you can find so many different kinds of cats in shelters, that it is worth starting there when you are looking for a Maine Coon.

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Each year we rescue thousands of dogs who have been lost, discarded, abandoned, injured or neglected. Most are lost dogs who have not been reclaimed by their original owners. We do everything we can to find a loving and responsible new home for every adoptable dog or puppy. All of our dogs available for adoption have been spayed (females) or neutered (males). We strongly encourage you to spay or neuter your pets!

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Through the ASPCA Adoption Ambassadors program, those who foster animals become adoption counselors on behalf of their local shelters. Ambassadors take home adoptable dogs or cats and find safe and loving homes through word of mouth, social media posts and emails to friends and family, or by hitting the streets with their foster pets.