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CARPETS: Shake powder evenly across surface. Brush lightly with broom to force powder deep into carpet where fleas and their larvae exist. Wait at least 60 minutes before (lightly) vacuuming to remove visible surface powder. For maximum efficacy, delay vacuuming for up to 24 hours. Reapply every two weeks or as needed to prevent reinfestation. Treat pets with TropiClean Flea & tick Shampoo prior to re-entry.

Learn the 4 stages of the flea. Well i have just finished steaming my carpets with 50/50 dawn(blue) and sergents flea shampoo for dogs.

Dawn dish soap in a shiny or white pan of water works but does take time!! We have killed many fleas but for some reason can’t seem to get rid of them. I have started vacuuming everyday and cleaning my carpets as often as possible. Working 2 jobs makes it tough to keep on track. Will let you know how that process goes. I might try the tip on the vinegar and water or pinesol on the floor and let it sit a bit before shampooing???

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Flea Stoppers carpet Powder will not lose its effectiveness, even if vacuuming or shampooing occurs. Shampooing does not void the guarantee. Hi all: Well with our last adoption we also acquired fleas. So I’ve read everyones tips with great interest. We spent over $100.00 on Zodiac products they do not work at all, although their shampoo did help , I think and mild shampoo or dish soap like dawn will work since fleas are drowning. We then used aluminum baking dishes(like those used for meatloaf or cake) filled them with water and dawn dish liquid (any kind) and placed them all around the house we have 8. I refill with fresh soap and water every 3-4 days. Fleas are attracted to white so I bought 2 large sheets of white bristol board cut these into 8 pieces each then I also bought those hanging fly strips (they come in a tube) So i would use one of these for every 2 white pieces of bristol board I had. this can be a bit sticky (use lestoil to clean stickiness off of hands ,scissors) so do carefully pull 1/2 of the sticky fly paper out of tube unravelling as you go when you have a long enough piece cut and stick to bristol board I leave a little hump so it looks like an inch worm would or even flat on the paper. I then place these under each side of the beds under couches and tables it worked great fleas cant get off once they are stuck, I have one under a couch that has at least 50 dead fleas on it same for under table and love seat. along with daily vacuuming, washing all bedding every week. We,ve broken the cycle and are barely seeing anymore fleas, we now have 4 happy cats, aren’t being bitten anymore. hope this helps some of you there,s no flea like a dead flea!!! Liane

First vacuum the carpet both on top and then underneath

Flea comb them every day, dipping the comb in a dish of water with a tiny amount of oil and a tiny amount of washing solution or baby shampoo. This takes care of any on the coat. Fleas once wet cannot jump so easily and when put in the water dish they cannot jump at all. The water is then put down the toilet bowl. On my cats, particular attention to the rear end near the base of the tail and around the neck area prove most fruitful when combing. I also use two brushes a Zoom Groom on one and a stripping comb on the other as he does not like the Zoom Groom (a large rubber brush with very large bristles). The resultant hair to be disposed of, I run under the tap to ensure that if there is anything in there it cannot jump and I put it in a tissue before disposing of it. Both of the combs are great at getting rid of the under hair and so there is less density of coat and gives less of a hiding place for fleas. My favourite is the Zoom Groom as it gets rid of huge amounts of un-needed hair. You cannot tell from looking at the cat that you have done this but combing them through with a flea comb in easier too. The cat that allows the Zoom Groom loves it and lies out flat and rolls over for the other side to be done and purrs. It seems to act like a kind of massage for him. Both my cats have a soft, shiny coat.

need to do anything other than vacuum and shampoo the carpet.