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This article is about the dangers if giving away your pets via classified ads. Nowhere does it say it covers all cases. Your example is great, that is a happy ending, but sadly there is an increase in the negative outcomes rather than ones like yours. How would you feel if instead of those happy follow ups you found out that your dog wasn’t rehomed, it was actually with someone that drilled into it’s head with a power drill just for fun, or decapitated for kicks, ripped apart by other dogs for entertainment, used for target practice, or as a prop in a crush video? All of these things HAVE happened to pets given away for free on CL.

All 3 pulled or modified their ads when we explained what really happens to “free to a good home” pets.

Screw shelters, I know many, including myself who got legitimate free pets on CL. It’s not in the shelters business interests to endorse free pets, they are only in it for the money. I will pick a free ad over some bs adoption nonsense. Shelters do more harm than good. I could tell you horror stories about what goes on behind shelter doors. If your going to pay money then buy from a breeder. Shelters flag free ads, so I flag shelter ads, it’s only fair.

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Free and paid Pets & Animals classified ads of the Modesto Bee Classifieds I don’t think anyone is saying to not ever GIVE away a free dog. Just do a little research and check out the person you are giving it to. Most rescues and even shelters to a background check and even visit your home to make sure you have a fenced place for the dog. They also require that if you rent, you have a written statement from your landlord that you can have a pet. The majority of people who take a pet will take care of them but there are some that do abuse animals and will take advantage of the Free to Good Home ads. If you love your pet and really have to rehome and want to not charge, then do a little background checkup before you place the dog. A person that really wants to give your dog a home will not mind answering your questions. I have two dogs I actually bought, two I rescued from pound,one that I took in when my Dad died and a cat that I found injured when she was just a kitten. I took her immediately to the vet and they had to amputate her tail, and after that initial visit which included shots, I took her back to be spayed and each of these 6 pets get their shots and are fed and loved family members whether they were free to start with or whether I had to pay a fee to get them. Pets may come to your home for free but they are not free after you get them.

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