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Create a dedicated space for your dog with the Richell Freestanding Step-Over Pet Gate. This wooden dog gate is sure to look great in your home. The low profile and hardwood materials give these pet gates an attractive yet subtle style. Freestanding gates give you the flexibility to set up the gate anywhere in your home and easily move it according to your needs. Pet gates can serve a variety of purposes in your home. They can help create a dedicated space just for your dog – fill it with all the creature comforts of home. They can also keep your pet out of areas you don’t want them to be – basements, nurseries, outside. The Richell Freestanding Step-Over Pet Gate is designed to keep your pet in the pet-friendly place you designate. Use this wooden dog gate to keep pets out of certain parts of your house by setting it up in hallways or doorways. The adjustable width design lets you expand it to cover a variety of room openings. The two sizes of pet gates cover different widths, giving you the option to choose the one that is right for your needs. The gate stands 20 inches high – great for keeping small dogs in place and letting you step right over to move around your home. This wooden dog gate features side panels for added stability so the gate resists tipping. The side panels fold in so the gate can lay flat – perfect for storage or travel. Rubber feet add grip while preventing the gate from scuffing your floors. The Richell Freestanding Step-Over Pet Gate is made from rubberwood, a sustainable and eco-conscious resource.

Loved these free standing wooden gates. Rich, ebony color. No assembly required. Saw them for double the price at a pet store.

There are tall pet gates made exclusively for large dogs so they can’t just walk over them or knock them down when they want to go through. Some that are attached to the wall or doorframe have walk-thru gates that lock so even though your dog can’t get through, you still can. Or, if you have a large dog that’s very calm and won’t try to knock the gate down, you can get a tall freestanding pet gate that you can set up and take down without touching your walls. If you want to leave the gate up for a longer period of time, choose a pet gate that can be installed into the wall for added strength.

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This beautifully crafted Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate is unlike the cumbersome gates of the past These pet gates act as a functional and efficient barrier. Many people keep their dogs inside the gates when they are cooking, cleaning the house, or taking care of children. Some use them only when they leave home. Freestanding pet gates help protect the dog, keeping the animal away from potential hazards. These devices are also suitable for unpredictable or unsociable dogs.

come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Freestanding dog gates have many advantages. These accessories boast side panels that keep the gate from tipping over. Some also have rubber feet that keep them from sliding on or scratching the floor.

Most models are made of wood, plastic, or metal and feature lockable doors. Freestanding pet gates are designed for well-behaved dogs and smaller dogs. They are lighter than other models and can be installed effortlessly.

do not need to be mounted on walls. Many of them can be adjusted through a sliding motion to fit the desired opening while others have two or more panels that need to be positioned in a Z pattern. Since they are self-adjusting and stand by themselves, freestanding gates can be used anywhere in the house.

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Like Richell's original freestanding pet gates, the HS (High0Small) has the same special features to keep your pet safely confined. Place it anywhere you need it, any time. Side panels are designed to keep the gate from tipping over, plus the rubber feet keep it from sliding. Side panels fold in for easy storage or transport. Its beautiful hardwood construction complements Richell's other fine wood pet products. Also available in HL, Small and Large sizes.

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