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Since the initial publication of the photograph and Frontline Plus warning to Facebook on 2015, the post was shared hundreds of thousands of times both directly and via pages devoted to the well-being of dogs and other pets. Many users commented on the posts, stating that they’ve used the product without incident. Others claimed similar adverse reactions, and some users opined that products purchased through sources other than veterinarians (such as online pharmacies) accounted for some reported adverse reactions. Given the scant detail included about the depicted reaction, the health of the dog, or the source of the dispensed medication, it’s difficult to determine whether factors such as point of purchase influenced the animal’s injuries. (We note, however, that similar unsubstantiated claims have been made about just about every major brand of flea and tick remedy, including , , and .)

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FRONTLINE® Spray Treatment for Pets provides long-lasting, effective control of fleas and ticks on your cat and dog. Frontline® is ideal for severe existing flea and tick infestations. FRONTLINE® Spray can be used on puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age or older and provides a quick and effective way of eliminating large flea and tick infestations already on your animal. FRONTLINE® Spray is ideal for reducing and controlling fleas and ticks in multi-pet households. Great for the initial treatment of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).

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Frontline is a popular brand of flea and tick control products for pets Frontline Plus is a topical means of protecting your dog from fleas and ticks -- you apply a liquid form of the insecticides fipronil and S-methoprene between your pet's shoulders, and it absorbs into the body through the skin. Because Frontline Plus is topical, you have to wait a couple days before you can bathe your dog, or the prevention is less effective.

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Frontline for dogs or frontline plus is a flea preventive medication that’s available for both canines and felines. It is a topical medication that needs to be applied to the pet’s skin once a month. Several pet owners are of the opinion that it’s safe and economical to use frontline for dogs on cats but this isn’t true. Frontline for dogs contains two active ingredients namely fipronil and s-methoprene in certain amounts. The same ingredients are present in thecat formula but in varying amounts. Since pets are very sensitive to medications it’s important to avoid using dog formulas on cats or vice versa.

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Using a pet medication regularly, such as for dogs and cats, is the best way to prevent a flea infestation from occurring altogether. Some pet owners begin to administer flea preventatives, like Frontline Plus, to their pets in the spring and summer months. However, in warm climate regions fleas are able to survive year-round due to the warmer temperatures and humidity. Do not use this crap on your pets. There are so many better and natural alternatives to getting rid of fleas. There's vinegar, **, and diatomaceous earth. These things work too. Frontline and all this crap is all hype and marketing. They use it to fool all you idiots out there and make lots of money. It's a toxic and terrible product and it doesn't even get rid of fleas and it's not safe for animals. People out there are mindless idiots and puppets and just listen to anything their vet tells them. Also stupid clueless people put this crap on their pets every month - you're slowly doing bad to your pet. Do NOT use this crap. Do NOT let these stupid companies get away with these terrible products.