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These geckos come in a variety of colors which are mutation and are known as morphs. Due to these colors, these small lizards are very popular just like pet iguanas. As per some morph enthusiasts, the typical yellow with black spots is very boring. Leopard Geckos have over 100 different morphs, and breeders are introducing even more including high yellow, aberrant, hypomelanistic, super hypomelanistic, carrot tail, tangerine, Red-Eyed Patternless Tremper orange, lavender, Halloween mask, reverse stripe, super giant, baldy and much more. The price range of these geckos varies due to their colors and patterns. Some colors and shades are pretty hard to find, and they are sold at very high prices. However, you can expect a comparatively high price if you are looking at a gecko that not only has a beautiful color scheme but also has breathtaking patterns. Some geckos do have wide blackish bands as well with the dark tan background. The breeders feed them with specialized diets.

Golden geckos are available in many pet stores and from many breeders. Many specimens are wild caught, due to the low demand for these lizards.

In Indonesia, the harvest and export of wild-caught Tokay geckos are subject to quotas. Commercial breeding is allowed, and the government has given permission for six companies to export three million live captive-bred Tokay geckos a year, specifically for the pet trade.

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All of the preceding reasons clearly show why this species takes the top spot on our list of the best pet geckos. A number of characteristics make geckos great pets: They're mostly small, affordable and easy to feed. The downside of keeping geckos is that most species are nocturnal and, therefore, not very visible pets. The exceptions are geckos of the genus Phelsuma. Most of the 70 Phelsuma species are diurnal -- they do their doing during daylight.

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While not all species of geckos are good candidates for pet ownership, there are many that make great pets for both handling and observing. Do note that not all geckos have the ability to climb glass surfaces, which can be disappointing for children. Whether you're looking for a gecko that is easy to handle or can climb walls, there are many gecko varieties to choose from.

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