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1. Hamsters. Hamsters are a very popular small pet – One of the most popular in fact! This is one of the very first animals many people consider purchasing for their child. And they actually do make very good small pets for kids. They sleep during the day and are active at night. As long as they are tamed while young and held regularly, there is usually not a huge problem with biting. can make wonderful pets for young children.

Parakeets and other small birds are good pets for kids aged 8 years and older.

Another widely popular small pet is the guinea pig, and requiring a simple diet and enclosure, these animals do make good pets for people unsure about their long-term pet keeping abilities and young children, provided they are willing to clean cages at least every other day.

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Any dog can turn out to be good with other pets and any dog can kill another small animal We love guinea pigs as a pet for family even for younger children, because they're much easier to take care of then a lot of the pets you might think of. They have a very sweet and docile personality. They're very calm. They can be very affectionate. They enjoy people. They're a very low cost pet. They don't cost a lot to purchase or adopt. You can always check rescues. There's a lot of guinea pigs that need a family, and they're really one of the most gentle creatures. We really enjoy them. They're very low maintenance, and they're really, really good with small children, and they really respond to petting from people. They're just very sweet and affectionate.

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Invest in a good quality habitat for your small animal. Don’t skimp on size, material, or construction quality for your pet’s new home.

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This list of the best pets for children includes pet reptiles that require basic feeding, as well as small mammal pets that might allow kids to play with them and even cuddle. Vote up those animals you think make the best pets for families with children to move them to the top of the list. If you believe a kid can handle a dog, great! Vote it up - and also check out this list of the best dog breeds for kids. If you don't think children should have even the best exotic pets, vote them down. This list includes the best pets for young children and small children as well as good pets for older children. What do you think are the best low maintenance pets for kids? Use this best pets for kids list to decide if your child is ready to care of an animal!However, some fish are hardier than others. The best fish for toddlers are inexpensive, durable fish, such as goldfish. You don't want floaters to start off your child's pet career.There are 18 different goldfish types, each with different physical characteristics. The common goldfish is a great fish for beginners as it's very hardy and takes minimal care. The lifespan of goldfish when well cared for is well over five years.Begin with a solitary goldfish or beta in a simple bowl. If that's a hit, you can move on to a fish aquarium. Lighted aquariums can even function as a nightlight in a child's room.Maintenance will be simply feeding once or twice a day, and cleaning the fishbowl or aquarium once a week. And if you keep the bowl or aquarium away from direct sunlight, algae will grow more slowly and you can clean it less often.Little boys - and some little girls - love lizards and snakes. A lot of moms don't. That said, lizards and snakes make good pets for kids with allergies, as they are of course without fur or feathers. If your child is going to have a snake or lizard, be sure there's an adult in the house who's willing to handle it. You've got to have that back up person with these critters.Put the reptile in an aquarium with a locked top. You don't want your daughter taking it out without your supervision. Avoid large predatory snakes, such as pythons. They're hard wired to put the squeeze on anything the same size or smaller than they are - including children.