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Many new Gps collars come with a variety of options that make finding and tracking your pets easier. Some of these collars come with GPS technology that can be tracked from your cellphone. This means that you will always have access to the whereabouts of your dog or cat. These pet collars are waterproof and theft proof so you don’t have to worry about the GPS tracker malfunctioning. Most of the batteries in the collars are rechargeable and will last for a long period of time. The price of these GPS collars can be anywhere between $150-$500 depending on the model and features available.

Best Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker D69B with Collar for Pets Cat Dog 4 Frequency GPRS GPS+LBS Dual Location with Free APP

One of my most humbling life moments happened when I was leaving work on a rainy night and came across a dog dressed in a raincoat and wearing booties. He was dressed more appropriately for the weather than me, and that made me feel insufficient. Dog owners keep their pets at the top of their game, everyone. So a dog collar that works not only as a fitness tracker but also as a GPS and light isn’t surprising.

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If you're interested in some of the most popular GPS trackers for pets on the market, you can check out some of our related columns including: The Pod 2 GPS Pet Tracker is one of the smallest and lightweight GPS collars on the market, weighing in at only 28 grams. It can be easily attached to your pets collar allowing you to easily locate your pet on demand. The Pod 2 also offers escape alerts for your fence perimeters and activity monitoring. Unlike some its competitors, the Pod 2 will work on a global stage, offering support for 175 countries around the world. It features mostly positive reviews on the Amazon store with 3.2 out of 5 stars.

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There are so many choices available for identification for your pets including microchips, engraved tags, tattoos, and even GPS collars. With all of the available options, how do you choose the right one for your pet?

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