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Among small mammals, guinea pigs make great classroom pets because of their minimal care requirements. And because they’re larger than hamsters or gerbils, they can be handled more easily, said Dr. Clark Fobian, DVM and president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (). While they’re easy to care for, guinea pigs do need space to run and often prefer to be in the companionship of another guinea pig of the same gender, according to the website . They’re very social animals and require daily interaction and activity to keep from being bored. Guinea pigs also require a source of vitamin C, so it’s important to provide them with fresh food, Dr. Fobian says.

Rats! I know it seems odd but rats are GREAT pets, they just have a bad rep.

Great Pets is a boutique training facility designed with Brian’s own dog in mind. We provide a real life training environment, the culmination of Brian’s decades of work in training dogs and pet owners. The facility is housed within Brian’s own home where he can provide his clients individualized attention and care and produce the best results possible.

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Copyright 2017 Great Pets, Developed by The Go Agency USA The killings, Kean contends, had a great deal to do with the changing relationship of humans (and particularly Britons) to dogs and cats in the early 20th century. Like pigs, chickens, and cattle, humans learned to keep dogs and cats around because they were useful to us: we domesticated dogs for security and hunting, cats for pest control. Their status as companion animals was initially just a side benefit, but with urbanization that began to change: city-dwellers had less and less need for their dogs and cats to do functional chores about the house, but we kept them around anyway. No longer useful in the traditional sense, dogs and cats became simply part of the family, and we started to ask not what pets could do for us, but what we could do for them.

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Another reason that a Yorkie makes for such a great pet is due to their unique adaptability. Their tiny size means that they really do not need a large living space to accommodate them. Also, they can be potty trained to go indoors as a pee pad can be easily utilized. Due to these factors, they are known to be excellent pets for apartment dwellers. Whereas larger dogs and a small apartment would certainly not work, a Yorkie’s small stature, unique portability, and adaptability make them the perfect choice for almost any living arrangement.

You don’t hafta tell us that cats make great pets!

Fighting fish will last at least 3 years, only if you care for them properly. These fishes are not supposed to be mixed with other fishes, but are really pretty. Some fighting fish are different, which are expensive. But I really recommend fighting fish are great pets in small houses.Great Pets 5 Acre facility is the realization of years of research in premier canine training and is the vision of perfection for owners and their best friends. The tranquil hills, open pastures, outside and inside training areas represent an experience/environment like no other. Great Pets Training and Behavior Center is a picturesque, serene, safe, clean facility created to enhance the training and learning experience for both people and their canine family members.