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While fish oil tends to come from any cold water fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, Pollock, cod or herring (to name a few), they are not all created equal. Salmon oil is generally considered the Cadillac of fish oils, but can be somewhat cost prohibitive for some. Thankfully, a new product manufactured by the good people at Grizzly Pet Products, is helping to solve that problem with fantastic results.

Harald: Grizzly has strong ties to the Alaskan seafood industry, so it’s natural for us to source raw materials from salmon and pollock fisheries. Further, it is a known fact that salmon oil and pollock are amongst the best fish oils due to the high concentrations of long chain omega-3 fatty acids, benefitting our pet’s health inside out, from heart to coat. We also use a lot of salmon proteins in our treats and joint products, especially because fish protein, nutrition-wise, is only second to egg white protein, easily outperforming chicken, turkey and mammal proteins.

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Can my puppy or kitten use Grizzly Salmon Oil™? | Grizzly Pet Products Grizzly Pet Products’ debut product was Grizzly Salmon Oil, a liquid dog food supplement packaged in an eight-ounce bottle. However, it wouldn’t be long before the company began expanding the range of sizes for its original product, as well as diversifying its offerings.

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Pet Product News: What led you to start Grizzly Pet Products?
Harald Fisker:
Coming from corporate positions in Europe and the USA involving engineering, marketing and sales, I started the thought process for something different in 2001. Having worked with salmon processing plants in the 1990s, the overall thought was to make better use of salmon oil than giving it to hogs. Nutritional benefits of omega-3 fatty acids pretty much became common knowledge during the 90s, but benefits were described for humans mostly.
I researched and visited many pet stores in 2001, including the big boxes, and did not find any natural omega 3s, so that was encouraging, although it meant I would need to do a lot of ground work. Still, my thought was that if natural omega 3s are extremely healthful for humans, they must be very healthful for pets as well. The idea, then, was to combine the salmon oil sources with an anticipated need/demand for dogs and cats, and Grizzly Pet Products was founded on that idea on Jan. 15, 2002.

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At first, Grizzly Pet Products’ salmon oil came from Norwegian fisheries, but in 2004, the company began sourcing wild-caught Alaskan salmon. This not only provided logistical benefits, it also gave the company access to a higher-quality product. According to Fisker, the omega-3s are considerably higher and the omega-6s are considerably lower in wild-caught salmon, which provides the optimal balance for pet nutrition. In fact, he says that the enhanced potency of wild-caught salmon enables pet owners to use 40 percent less product than they would with farmed salmon oil, with the same results.PPN: Have you recently released any new products?
We successfully introduced an in-house production of hip and joint products last year. Grizzly Joint Aid is unique by using krill oil as a natural, nutrient absorption enhancer powered by natural phospholipids.
This year, we’ve launched the Ultra-Premium Grizzly Super Foods, which come in dehydrated and oven-baked versions. They have very high salmon protein content and adequate omega-3 content, so you can feed a lot less and still achieve perfect nutrition for your pet. Feedback from customers is extremely encouraging. We’re using natural resources of salmon meal from our own plants, but also salmon fillets that are pale, bruised or otherwise not optically suitable for the grocery store.