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Petsmart guinea pigs looking for some hay. Notice how both racks are empty?

This video was not meant to advertise guinea pigs for pet smart. I strongly recommend that if you want to get a guinea pig to please rescue one from a Guinea pig rescue, Do not buy from pet stores because the bulk of their animals comes from mills who's living conditions are deplorable and animals are often forced to breed so they produce more for profit.

An interesting video

Guinea Pigs at PetSmart, I wish i could have one. But i mostly want a dwarf hamster. :3

Plus, with such intimate knowledge of their shelter animals, rescue volunteers are experts at catching minor problems early, before they become major problems (unlike at PetCo, PetSmart and in .) Most shelter guinea pigs come to you already spayed or neutered – which can calm down boys and will remove the risk of girls getting pregnant if housed with boars, along with preventing a myriad of other health issues.

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At my Petsmart, they adopt out cats and dogs, but of course they still sell guinea pigs. What pellets are you feeding? The only real good ones are Kleenmama's (which can only be ordered online) and Oxbow Cavy Cuisine or Performance. (Performance for piggies under six months) Also, unless she is under six months (PetSmart sells normally young Guinea Pigs, so I assume) she should have 24/7 unlimited timothy hay. However, if she is under six months, then you are feeding her fine haywise as long as it is unlimited 24/7.

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Most Guinean pigs come from a pet store even if you do adopt. I adopted one of my piggies from a shelter and the other from a pet store. The one from the shelter was born at petsmart got adopted then neglected and abused. Which left her skittish

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Petsmart is a great place to get your small furry friends but any pet store that sells hamsters or mice will probably carry guinea pigs too. I know ...A vote for Papua is a vote for homeless guinea pigs. Vote once each day between now and Halloween. You don’t need to join PetSmart’s Facebook page or even have a Facebook account. If you would like to vote for Papua, . Click vote and leave a comment if you like. It’s as easy as that. Thank you!