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Hamsters cost anywhere from $5 to $30. The price depends on the demand for the specific breed in your area. There are over 20 different types of hamsters, however only the following 5 breeds are commonly kept as pets: Syrian, Campbell’s, Winter White, Roborovski and Chinese.

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A partitioned cremation involves cremating several pets at one time, using physical barriers (bricks, trays, etc.) inside the cremation chamber to maintain separation of the pets’ ashes from one another. Prices for a partitioned cremation will vary depending upon the size of your pet. Pocket pets (birds, hamsters, reptiles, etc.) start at $95.00 for a partitioned cremation, where a cat or a rabbit and other smaller pets start at $160.00 for a partitioned cremation.

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11 items - DHgate is the best place to make a comparison for pet hamster speaking. Compare prices on pet hamster speaking to find great deals and save big. Part of what's driving the success of the robotic hamsters has to do with the price. The cost was set deliberately low by Zhu Zhu Pets' creator, toy-industry veteran Russell Hornsby and his small company, Cepia LLC of St. Louis.

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