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Hi everyone! So I went to pets at home and bought some fun things for when I get a hamster :-)

Please note that if you are planning on getting a hamster you would need more supplies than what I am showing in this video.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments and messages regarding Charlie Brown. As I upload everything on my brothers ipod at the mo it is hard for me to comment back and it seems to be impossible to reply to comments as I can only leave a comment on the video and not just reply to one comment.

Sorry that was really long and complicated explanation!

Hope everyone is good and I will upload a video as soon as I get a new hamster :-)

Please comment on what type of hamster you think I should get!

We choose our new Syrian hamster from Pets at Home and set up her new cage.Music by Kevin Macleod

I’ll take a moment to tell you what it was like getting Pip, my first hamster. It was a Sunday afternoon, the day before my birthday. I went to my local petshop, which is very good. I had done some research before deciding to get a hamster and I had come to the conclusion that a Roborovski hamster was the best for me. ( Go to my “hamster breeds” page for more info on them) The woman in the shop gave me the youngest robo they had and I held him in my hands for a while. I think he had gone into shock when he was put in my hand, because after a few minutes of staying still, he had recovered and tried to make several leaps to freedom! Luckily, every time he did so, he was caught by the shop assistant! I knew that he was healthy and lively, so I took him home.

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Image for Kaytee Crittertrail 2 Cage for Hamsters (Online Exclusive) from Pets At Home Although the Syrian hamster or () was first described scientifically by in 1839, researchers were not able to successfully breed and domesticate hamsters until 1939. The entire laboratory and pet populations of Syrian hamsters appear to be descendants of a single brother–sister pairing. These littermates were captured and imported in 1930 from Aleppo in Syria by , a zoologist of the . In Jerusalem, the hamsters bred very successfully. Years later, animals of this original breeding colony were exported to the USA, where Syrian hamsters became one of the most popular pets and laboratory animals.[] Comparative studies of domestic and wild Syrian hamsters have shown reduced genetic variability in the domestic strain. However, the differences in behavioral, chronobiological, morphometrical, hematological, and biochemical parameters are relatively small and fall into the expected range of interstrain variations in other laboratory animals.

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Find your guinea pig, hamster, or other pet a secure cage, clean bedding, fresh food, and chew-resistant accessories. Most pet parents begin with the proper cage or habitat. Cages, hutches, and modular homes create safe, secure living spaces for your pet while still looking great in your home. Concerned about your small animal’s smell? You can also keep your home fresh with small animal litter that absorbs moisture and locks in odors for a clean and healthy habitat. Provide your pet with premium nutrition made especially for them and packed with all the essential vitamins and nutrients they need, be they bunny or rat. Many small animals love chew-resistant toys as they provide hours of entertainment along with added dental support as they wear down your small pet’s ever-growing teeth. Here you can shop for all the small animal supplies and accessories your pet needs. Explore our selection today!

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