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The red carpet-ready Pet Life Exquisite Fashion Handbag Pet Carrier features a large mesh side entrance, circular mesh window, and adjustable polyester sun roof for maximum visibility and breathability. Two easy-carry tote straps provide your pet with a gentle ride.

DOG HANDBAG by MICRO POOCH - Stylish, City Pet Carrier / Small Travel Bag / Purse.

Shacara Zebra Dog Carrier: Brown - Zebra print soft cotton fabric with leatherette accents - Hidden pockets on both sides of the carrier - Magnetized pocket closure - Padded interior for pet comfort and safety - Interior pet safety strap fastener - Carry handles with padded grips - Shoulder strap (Converts into a temporary leash) - Privacy Cover $189.99

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louis vuitton Damier Azur Canvas pet carrier PT-02 - Designer Replica Handbags replica Dog carrier purses can be very handy when you want to take your pet out on the go. However, they aren’t suitable for all dogs. Dog purse carriers are best suited for teacup breeds and extremely small dogs weighing less than 10 lbs.

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Great product to carry a small dog or cat up to about 10 pounds. The bag is well made and features several "windows" where you pet can peek out from the safety of the carrier. It also has a top-loading feature, which is very handy for getting a reluctant cat into the carrier for a trip to the vet! They even delivered the product two days earlier than scheduled. Great experience all around!

Pet Life® Exquisite Handbag Fashion Pet Carrier

This elegant Puppy Angel Quilted Bow Designer Pet Carrier is perfect for shopping with your doggy! Designed like a handbag, the quilted exterior of the dog carrier is made up of interwoven lovehearts while the two funky pockets at the side are decorated with a cute contrasting bow. There is a cool locket charm hanging from the straps which also have a single rhinestone on them where they attach to the side of the carrier. FurryGo Pet Sports Handbag Carrier provides style and utility for your pets. Our Pet Sports Handbag Carrier is one amongst our most secure pet carriers. It has a major front opening and it similarly highlights a cross section window for maximum ventilation and comfort.

Your pets are always happy when they can be with you even while traveling around. Take delight in our top of the line style with this Pet Sports Handbag. Made from Durable 600 Denier Oxford the pet handbag is sturdy light weight, can be easily maintained and the outer fabric is water resistant. The removable mat is simple to clean and chain connection inside for built-in security and well being of your four legged companion. The Pet Sports Handbag Carrier is also equipped with four pockets to carry pet essentials while on long walks or trips. Pet Sports Handbag Carrier is recommended for pets up to 13 lbs.

The FurryGo Pet Sports Handbag Carrier has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.Backpack pet carriers are suitable for smaller pets and for traveling on short distances, by walking. They are also convenient for , , road trips or appointments to the . Some backpack pet carriers models are airline approved so they can be safely used while traveling by plane. Backpack pet carriers are available in different sizes, colors and designs and they can be found on different websites or specialized shops. Different companies manufacture pet carriers of high-quality materials which are made of fabric and are provided with extra pockets which can be used for extra storage. Most of these pet carriers are designed for pets that do not weigh more than 10 lbs., are provided with sides and zippered sides for an easy use. The price of such products depends on the quality and the style. The cheapest backpack carriers may cost up to $50 and the ones that come with extra features such as rolls or are airline approved can reach easily $100. Some backpack carriers come with wheels which makes it possible to convert a backpack carrier into a roll along one. They have a handle that extends out and which makes pet transportation easier and simpler. They feature a well-ventilated, comfortable compartment for the pet for safe and enjoyable travel.DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM--- Read the full description, if the seller advertises that it is Authentic, they will know the product. For example, I have seen many sellers that sell pet carriers describe “fits 8-10lb” some even say “fit up to 15 lbs” for a small carrier. Why would the seller put false information? Maybe they have never even seen the carrier, which means they do not have the item on hand. Or they have no idea of what they are selling. A Juicy Couture small pet carrier (13x7x9)will not fit 15lb dogs. 8lb?...barely. 10lb?... I don’t think so, unless the baby is extra short in length, but chunky. A seller who sells Authentic Juicy Couture doesn't even know the product? Would you believe that they are selling authentic Juicy Couture? So read the description. If you see anything that sounds odd, be careful!