Glycemic Research Institute selects Orijen as healthiest petfood

PetSaver Healthy Pet Superstore is a locally owned healthy pet food and supply store with four locations in Rochester, NY. Established in 1994 PetSaver was started as a store to provide and supplies to Rochester area pet lovers. When owner Russ Herman’s Rottweiler Bucky’s coat started falling out, and his vet couldn’t diagnose the problem, he started to research healthy pet foods. In 1994, little was known about healthier alternatives to traditional pet foods, but Russ was determined to learn all he could. He established a store in Greece, complete with the healthiest pet foods, treats, toys and pet supplies. With the support of Loyal customers PetSaver was able to expand to three Rochester locations, PetSaver now resides in the , and in and the Webster Plaza in Webster New York!

Tomlinson’s offers the healthiest all natural pet foods as well as quality pet toys, supplements, and accessories.

Standing in the dog food aisle of a pet store can quickly leave a dog parent overwhelmed and confused. We’re inundated with options and each brand is telling us that their food is the healthiest dog food on the shelves….

Raise the Healthiest Pet You Know™! - Pet Food Diva

healthiest pet food for dogs We can’t say enough good things about Healthy Dogma PetMix. It has helped me to educate our clients about good nutrition and brought healthy satisfaction to our pet patients. Pets who were previously suffering chronic issues such as mal-digestion and allergies are able to live healthier lives thanks to the good food from Healthy Dogma. We are indebted to helping make home made food easy for pet owners.”

PetPlate is New York City's healthiest pet food, delivered

In their pursuit of research and innovation in the pet food industry, the healthiest pet food manufacturers employ the insight of veterinarians, PhD nutritionists, and food scientists to create new products and improve existing ones so your pet lives a long, fulfilling life as a direct result of the great food you feed them. Guided by their research, companies like Hill's Pet Nutrition formulate their foods with a precise balance of nutrients to meet needs that vary with your pet's size, special needs, and age.

Looking For The Safest, Healthiest Pet Food? Good Luck With That.