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Their work does not stop at holistic pet care. The Kleins also promote pet adoption by giving food and money to many pet rescue organizations that have included, but not been limited to: the North Shore Animal League, Linda’s Ferals, and Social Tees. Each store also has a “Rescue Ranch” space to house cats for adoption. Over the years, they have “re-homed” hundreds of animals. And, they have provided space in the front of their stores for rescue groups to bring their orphaned animals for adoption.

Traveling by car is no problem at all with the fantastic available parking near Fetcha Bone Holistic Pet Store & Bakery.

Holistic for Pets evolved from one woman's desire to feed her own dogs and cats the best diet possible, supporting them throughout their lives with strong immune systems and good health. Val Clows is that woman and she began her journey to today's business fueled by a passionate love for animals. First she established a store in Sarasota and recently expanded to a second store in Bradenton, Florida.

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Pet Care Retail Store Providing PROVEN Safe, Alternative Holistic Solutions for ALL Animals. Improve your dog or cat’s overall health with products from our pet supplies store in Owego, New York. Family owned and operated, euPAWria is an all-natural pet supply store that provides a variety of premium holistic and organic pet food, treats, and pet related products. We provide you with alternative pet products that avoid the use of toxic chemicals, byproducts, dyes, fillers, and unnecessary ingredients.

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To prepare for the day I opened my first store I worked in the natural dog and cat food and pet supplies industry for twenty years. I gained priceless pet nutrition knowledge while I working for various natural and holistic pet food manufacturers.

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Since 1999, we have been a neighborhood, independent store offering high-quality, natural products for dogs and cats. We carry a full range of natural pet foods, healthy treats, holistic supplements, and natural grooming products.It was my dream for twenty years to open a natural pet food store for our beautiful companion animals that specialized in healthy and holistic pet foods.