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Hi, my name is and I'm a pet addict. As of the moment I type this sentence at the end of Cataclysm, out of a possible 226. So you see I mean business. But being a bodacious pet hound can be a lot of work. “What was that pet I saw? What family is it? Where can I find it? It's so confusing!” That's where I come in, friendo. I do the legwork so don't have to! In this guide, I have broken down Battle Pets by type, then by the method that they're acquired. From there, I'll tell you how to get them, complete with more links than you probably even care about. I also threw in a chart I made. Bonus!

Want to tell your animal loving friends how to find the right pet? Curious to see how they and you match with available pets? Think this is seriously cool?

However there are still a few promotional pets, such as the and the , that you may be able to collect if you're willing to spend some real-world cash. Each pet's profile includes the name of the promotion and other notes that explain how it's obtained. You can find the real-world item required to get the pet using an auction site like .

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Looking for guidance on how to find homes for homeless pets? This resource is geared toward people who have found a stray but are unable to find the owner. By “behavior specific” we mean that the individual behavior and temperament of a cat, dog, ferret, or other species will influence how that particular animal will respond to human contact as well as the distance he/she will travel when lost. The roots of our knowledge in lost pet behavior stem from our knowledge of studies conducted into the behavioral patterns of missing people. There is a science to finding lost people and a lot of that knowledge can be applied to finding lost pets. Professionally trained searchers don’t wander aimlessly in the woods when searching for a missing hiker. Instead, an organized search plan is implemented based on the knowledge of the behavioral patterns of lost people.

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Austin Pets Alive! is focused on pulling pets directly from euthanasia lists, so we are unable to take in dogs from the general public. However, is a service provided by APA! to help you find a new home for a pet you have or assist you in keeping your pet. This program is intended to find the best solution for you and your family in tricky times, ideally decreasing the number of dogs and cats taken into the shelter system.

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Want to find lost pets? Whether you're a shelter worker trying to help a guardian find a missing pet or you've lost a pet yourself, the first step to successfully locating a lost pet is to understand how they behave.If your landlord allows you to keep pets, make sure this is added as an addendum to your lease so that your interests are well protected. Find out how many pets you are allowed to keep because most apartments might only allow one or two pets per apartment.Want to tell your animal loving friends how to find the right pet? Curious to see how they and you match with available pets? Think this is seriously cool? Then tell your friends and family about us, and help all adoptable pet nationwide. Spread the word – PawsLikeMe’s matching system works!