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Whether you have a tiny dog that can't make it up and down the steps or an older or disabled dog that needs help getting in and out of your vehicle, dog ramps can make life easier for you and your pet. Use these steps to learn how to build a dog ramp for your companion.

How to make an indoor pet ramp to aid your puppy or geriatric pet get on or off the sofa or couch. Easy afternoon project.

Cater parts of your home to your pets. One of the first things said on every sell-your-house-type show is to get rid of all evidence of pets. But unless you are selling your house right now, who cares if your home’s next owners don’t like cats (or dogs or ferrets)? Building in cat ramps, pet doors, or built in food bowls under the island, can make life with furry friends easier and more entertaining.

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how to make dog stair for bed | Puppy Stairs pet steps and ramps give animals the boost they need to ... More So what makes these stairs so unique? First, the foam density is an exemplified feature. Royal Ramps offers 1.5 pounds per cubic foot of Industrial-Grade, high-density foam. This allows for extra firm support, with 50% more density than many other products; however, the foam itself is still lightweight enough for you to move the dog stairs around. Furthermore, the life cycle of the foam has been constructed to last the lifetime of your pet. Other products typically only have 1 pound per cubic foot, commercial grade packaging foam. When constructed from this material, your stairs will break down faster, as this type of foam is not intended for long term, repetitive use. It will crush down more easily, and once this has occurred, the stairs cannot provide safety or security for your pets. Furthermore, many other brands of stairs use materials that are cheap to produce, but overly flimsy and lightweight, so that they too easily shift around, which could be dangerous for your pet; or, the materials are so heavy that you could hurt your own back or neck moving them into place.

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