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The container for your pet must fit under the seat in front of you, be secure (zippers, no snaps), and have a waterproof bottom. Your pet must remain in the carrier for the duration of the flight. We have compliant available in our store. Most airlines flying larger aircraft (not commuter planes) accept live animals as cargo and have made special provisions for their handling. Whether the pet is traveling as checked baggage or as cargo they will wind up in the same special area of the cargo department, which is pressurized and temperature controlled. The animals must be in an IATA approved container and meet certain other requirements. Find an IATA approved . It is considered best to have only one animal per container but the IATA rules state that two animals can share the same container if the animals are under 14kg (30lbs). Check your View as some do permit this, but some do not. Pet Cargo Crate Requirements: If traveling internationally then you should attach an extra copy of your pet's health certificate to the container. We have current and accurate information on , , , , ; it is all here and we are adding more information every day. If you have questions, we welcome your comments or questions at or can post them directly to our , , . We will answer them as soon as we can.

TFC1038 Features Airline approved pet carrier Meeting strict IATA requirements Ultra light weight design Dimensions Overall Height

All pets must travel in containers approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). When it comes to containers (also called crates, pet packs or carriers) you may choose to hire one or purchase your own from a company such as Dogtainers, depending on how often your pet is likely to travel.

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TFC1036 Features Airline approved pet carrier Meeting strict IATA requirements Ultra light weight design Rear pocket with organiza Really informative post. I plan to travel to our hometown next month and I want to bring my pet hamster with me. I’m expecting that since these rodents are quite small I can bring them with me in my seat. I just hope that the airline people would allow me to do that. Do you have any tips available regarding bringing really tiny pets (like rodents) with you during your airline travel?
You will need to call the airlines reservations offices to see if it will be allowed (each airline has different rules) and you have to make a reservation for the animal to travel in an approved carrier under the seat. Most airlines do not allow rodents, only cats and dogs to travel in the cabin so it may have to travel as checked baggage in an IATA compliant pet crate. Only the telephone reservations office will be able to answer your question.

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Yes, definitely. Dogtainers has an extensive range of crates/cages/carriers for all sorts of animals that can either be hired or purchased if your pet is likely to travel more than once. Dogtainers works closely with airports and airlines to ensure their crates are all 'IATA approved' for travel, and can even arrange custom-built crates for any animals out of the ordinary.

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