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“In Japan, pet owners consider pets to be their family members. Some treat them as if they were their children,” said Koichi Makino, the product sales department manager at , a pet supplies Web site that offers Christmas cakes and Christmas gift sets for dogs.

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quack' by japanese designer pet supplies company oppo is the perfect accessory to embarrass your dog. shaped like a duck's bill, the muzzle sits on the dog's snout to transform your canine friend into the perfect entertainment, as well as the bonus of being safe around other dogs and people.

The Best 10 Pet Stores for 2017 in Shibuya, 東京都, Japan - Yelp

Latest! Dog Grooming 20 million pet cats and dogs live in Japan, making Japan a country with more cats and dogs than children under 16. A whole industry has grown around the upkeep and care of pets. Shop for organic pet food, kawaii pet clothing, wacky pet toys, and more pet supplies on Ippin.

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Japanese pet supply store wants your pet to channel their inner samurai with some adorable armor. Using an eye-catching green and purple color palette, the shop designed a line of armor that mimics the Eva Unit-01 giant robot from the science fiction anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. They also have a more traditional line, which pays homage to the samurais of the past. One such samurai is actually buried in the same city where the store is located. In the metropolis of Kurayoshi, famous samurai Satomi Tadayoshi was laid to rest and it's believed that he later inspired one of the characters in The Legend of the Eight Dogs novel. This gives Kandaya's pet gear some interesting historical context!

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In Japan, large horned beetles are a favorite pet of children and adult hobbyists alike. Traditionally caught outdoors, nowadays they're more likely to be purchased, and the store I visited also sold supplies for keeping them, including tiny cups of special jelly in different flavors. The pet store had many smaller specimens, as well as one impressive adult Rhinoceros beetle for sale for around $50. in Japan are called hyakkaten or depato, an abbreviated English term. Some are operated by private railway operators that connect the stores to their stations. Most department stores have a grocery and food court in the basement and a rooftop with garden, aquatic, or pet supplies plus a children’s play area. They also have a traditional Japanese goods section where one can find kimonos or lacquerware.