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Several carriers including and don't allow any animals to fly in the cargo area of the planes. JetBlue charges a per pet, and only allows small cats and dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds including their carrier to travel with their owners in the cabin. has a similar policy — though it charges $95 each way.

Jun 7, 2015 - JetBlue's pet policy states that the carrier must not exceed 8.5 inches in height

How can I get the word out that airline policy allows pets, and that people who are allergic need to be warned of the possibility there are pets on their flights. As I stated to Jet Blue (who by the way never responded to my request to have someone in management contact me) a severe allergic reaction could cause the plane to make an emergency landing.”

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May 25, 2012 - I am a frequent JetBlue flyer, and am concerned about the pet policy Nelson had carefully selected JetBlue, due to their "JetPaws" pet-friendly policy, allowing dogs under 20 pounds to travel with their owners in the aircraft cabin. The airline does not transport animals above that weight, as the cargo area does not have oxygen or pressurized air, according to the JetBlue .

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Southwest, widely considered JetBlue's direct competitor, has a no-pets policy (except for service dogs). “In fact, the only other airline that has a similar and competitive pet program is Virgin Atlantic on their international routes,” Clifford said.

Cremated remains on JetBlue flights

On the surface, it doesn't look like JetPaws is much more than a new branding initiative for JetBlue's existing pet policy, which consists of a $100 each-way for small dogs and cats in the cabin (JetBlue apparently doesn't allow animals in the cargo hold). But there are benefits to the new service. For pet-loving travelers, there is no more precious cargo than a fur baby. But it can be difficult to sniff out which of the airlines' pet policies is best. We compared the U.S.' five biggest airlines and discovered that, while some offer special pet travel programs, such as JetBlue's and Alaska Airlines' , the answer seems to be... "it depends." Your best bet for transporting your pet will depend upon several factors, but here is a cheat sheet that should help guide your choice.I'm a pet owner (the cutest dog and cat you ever did see), so I'm glad JetBlue is making pet travel seem more like a service than a hassle, even though my dog is too large to fly the JetBlue skies. And JetBlue does seem to have its heart in the right place by making (small) pets welcome aboard its planes. But JetBlue Doggie Polo shirts? I draw the line at dog clothes. I mean, small dogs in funny clothes are cute and all … the way they waddle around looking sort of confused … adorably confused … you know, I bet my dog would look cute in one of these … and Christmas is around the corner, so—wait! What am I saying? No clothes for dogs! No!Confirm airline policies before you book
Airline policies relating to animal travel are often strict and non-negotiable, from documentation requirements for service animals to weight and breed restrictions for onboard pets. It’s a good idea to verify these policies in advance of your trip, because if you violate them and have to forfeit your ticket at the last minute, you won’t be eligible for a refund. Airlines limit the number of animals per cabin (for JetBlue, this number is four), so book as far in advance as possible.