Pride Pet Doors are a division of Z Industries—a large storm window and door manufacturer in Los Angeles. They’re one of the oldest pet door manufacturers and, in the early days, had a relationship with Johnson Pet Door. In fact, the Pride XLD600 and the Johnson Deluxe XLarge were identical except for the composition of the flap. Johnson used vinyl while Pride used, and still uses, reclaimed tire rubber. Pride Pet Door flaps are now the only available replacements for the millions of Johson Pet Doors still in use.

1987 The Johnson Pet Dor Door Model M-2 For Terriers Spaniels Beagles Poodle

This MaxSeal pet door can be custom made to fit existing rough cuts through both doors and walls. Simply remove the discontinued Johnson or PetSafe frame and take a width and height measurement of the rough cut opening. The cost is calculated based off the square inch range w x h of the rough cut opening. The will sleeve right into the current opening without having to alter the rough cut opening dimension. Contact expert Moore Pet Supplies representatives 7 days a week for assistance.


Vtg The Johnson Pet-dor Small Cat Dog 2-way Door Size: S2 Free Priority Ship Luka's idea of the magnets at the bottom is great. The first set of Johnson pet doors we had used them, and I have recycled them through each set of replacement flaps by using Goop glueto attach them.

Johnson Pet-Door Model L-2 - ROBLOX

NOTE: Pride brand pet door flaps have the same 2-piece design and are relatively the same size as their PetSafe/Johnson counterparts, with the exception of the small (customers modify the small to fit by cutting the "nubs" off on the top of the flap). Other sizes do not require any modification. for the Pride Pet Door Flaps.

Petsafe/Johnson Small Single Replacement Pet Door Flap (5.375 x 8).

These flaps and doors have been discontinued by Pet Safe after 40 some years on the market. The Pride replacement flaps fit the Johnson frame. If you want to replace the flap, that is the best answer.Johnson was around the 1950's. The company that produced Johnson pet doors was bought by Petsafe (Radio Systems), who then produced the same design under the name Petsafe Ultimate. These doors were later discontinued and replacements are no longer made. A company by the name of Pride produces a pet door of similar design, and their flaps have been used to successfully replace the flaps in hundreds of Johnson and Petsafe Ultimate pet doors! As late at the early 2000's, the Johnson extra-large was identical to the Pride extra-large except for the material of the flap and the locking cover. , which attaches differently at the top. Some people have been able to modify this flap to work in their pet doors, but it will not be a simple installation like with the medium, large and extra-large.Pet doors have gotten better over the years, and today's quality pet doors are quite a bit more weather tight and don't have the problem common to the Johnson (and Pride) doors in which the U shaped part of the flap pulls out of the frame. A problem with replacing the Johnson doors is that their U-shaped outer flap makes the hole that is cut for the pet door quite a bit larger than a door which does not have a 2 piece flap. For this reason you often need to purchase the next size up for a single flap. If you have a medium you might need to purchase a large, a large might require an extra large to replace it, etc.We have purposely excluded dog doors manufactured by Petsafe, Johnson, Hale, Plexidor, Pet Doors USA, Staywell, Dog Mate and others. These brands may be fine for some installations but, if you select a doggie door here, you will be assured that you are buying the best pet door of its kind at the best value anywhere.