KH Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat, Small, Tan

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Make car rides more comfortable and enjoyable for your dog with the K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat

One customer noted how the design and height of the Bucket Booster solved the problem of his pet being carsick. Another customer appreciates how the seat belts are adjustable so she could really ensure that her dog was indeed strapped onto the seat snugly and securely. Many customers appreciate that the product comes in two sizes, giving them not only the option of choosing a size that best fit their dog but also works well with the size of their car.

K&H Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat, Small, Tan, New, Free Shipping.

The K&H Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat will provides ultimate comfort for your pet The second and easily one of the top quality booster seat on our list of the best car seats for dogs is K&H's Bucket booster pet car seat. Let's begin by saying that at the time of this writing, K&H is one of the most popular dog car seats on Amazon and boosts an almost perfect rating of 5 stars.

Seat Blog Tanker Kept Safe By K H Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat Small.

Elevates pet in the front seat for a clear and comfortable view outside. The Hangin’ Bucket Booster™ holds pets up to 15 lbs. Comes with a strap to securely fasten to the seatbelt in the car. Easy to install. Removable cover for easy machine washable care. One year limited warranty.

KH7621 - K&H Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat Small.

After seeing and researching so many dog car seats, the K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat gets our best recommendation! This dog car seat is designed to help make travelling more comfortable for your pets. Like car seats for children, the Bucket Booster Pet Seat provides a safe, restrained yet soft and firm seat that allows your pet to have a good view out the window.