Safe Borate Flea Control Kills Fleas in Carpets for One Year

(IGR) are liquids that aremixed with water and sprayed on floors, furniture indoors. and are two different IGR concentrates. Precor (containing ) is available inliquid concentrates ( and )as well as aerosol form. The aerosol is not merely an IGR; it alsocontains insecticides formulated to help kill adult fleas that may bepresent. This aerosol () isthe product of choice for homes that contain no carpet.
Nylar is an IGR that became popular when it was introduced because of twospecial properties that set it apart from Methoprene: Nylar can be used outdoorsand it can be used for fleas and . Methoprene does not work on roaches. Nylar is available under theprofessional product called . It is alsoavailable in smaller containers, sold under the names of and IG Regulator.
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Vacuums can’t kill all the fleas in the carpet, but it can do a number on them as a starter.

We were going to do terminix because they guarantee application to kill active and new fleas that hatch but afraid of long term side effects to lungs etc for us our children and pets. If there is no carpet do you think exterminator would be safe?

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Can you use Borax for killing fleas by shampooing your carpet with Borax? Your home provides many warm and comfy areas for these pests to hide. Flea eggs can remain dormant in your carpet for many months. Other area these insects could be hiding is on clothes, bedding and furniture. It is important to treat your entire house along with your carpet to avoid another infestation. This is the best strategy for killing fleas permanently.

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A proper cleaning session is always the first step in getting rid of fleas in carpet. Gather all articles of clothing, bedding, towels and any other fabrics that can be washed. There is a good chance these items could be hiding flea eggs. You vacuum cleaner will be your other weapon of choice. Vacuuming will not kill all fleas in your carpet but it will help to decrease the population. It will also be helpful to wipe down other surfaces around your home, paying close attention to cracks and crevices near your baseboards.

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To get rid of fleas in your carpet, sprinkle salt on it and let it sit over night. Vacuum it up in the morning and the salt kills any fleas in your carpet.This is an amazing product that gives a full year of protection from fleainfestations. Not only does kill immature fleas for a full year but it also carries a one year guaranteefrom the manufacturer. (see )
When you use Flea Stoppers, do not expect to see immediate reduction of anyadult fleas that may be present - the product just does not work that way. The tiny boric acid granules become imbedded in carpet fibers where they killimmature fleas by what is called desiccant action. This simply means thateggs and larvae dry out and die. By killing these two stages of the flea,the life cycle is broken and any adult fleas that enter the treated areas canlay all the eggs they wish; the eggs never reach adulthood. For moreinformation, see the page.