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I recently order Heartguard for the first time from 1800petmeds on 06/08/17. This medication requires a prescription from my dogs veterinarian. I received an e-mail on 06/10/17 which provided an update on my shipment status. In this e-mail I was informed that they were still waiting for a reply from my veterinarian. A couple of hours later I received an e-mail stating the prescription was received and my order had been shipped. I received the medication on 06/12/17. I will definitely use this company again, and I would recommend 1800petmeds to others. Not only do they have great discounts but they also did a great job getting the medication to me.

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On Friday morning I ordered some Tramadol for my dog Chaka-Tu. I talked to a representative at 1800 PetMeds, and they said they would fax my vet and ask for a prescription. When I didn't hear anything more, I called 1800 PetMeds on Sat. morning and was told that a fax had been sent but no answer had been received. They said they would ask the Pharmacy section to send another fax. Still nothing. Subsequently, I called my vet and they said no faxes had been received. After about an hour on the phone first with my vet, then with the 1800 representative, and finally with both at the same time, the issue was finally resolved on Saturday afternoon, however, 1800 PetMeds said my order would not be shipped out until the following Monday. I sent the following e-mail to 1800 customer service questioning their timing and follow up with prescription orders. If the representative at 1800 PetMeds is not sending the fax themselves, how do they even know the Pharmacy section has sent it? Is there a breakdown in communication between the 1800 PetMeds representative and the Pharmacy section?

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With high-quality pet medications, food and more, PetCareRx is your .. I received a hard copy prescription from my vet, which I mailed to 1800petmeds' pharmacy. I saw my order status change from waiting for prescription to pending customer approval. I emailed to ask what I needed to do to approve the order. They said they don't accept faxed prescriptions. I don't own a fax machine. I haven't sent a fax in years. I told them that if they have a prescription, then it is the one I mailed since I never faxed anything. They say they have a prescription, but claim I faxed it. It's been the most asinine argument I have ever had in my life. I will never use them again.

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I ordered, I paid with paypal, I received an email confirming my order from 1800 petmeds and paypal. I paid for priority shipping (3-5 days). I waited 9 days before calling (I never should have given them extra time). I was told they did get my order and charge my paypal but they never shipped! I asked why, they said because I moved 2 months ago. WHAT! I changed my address, I have received several things here - all paid for with paypal. Why do you care if I moved? "Well we can't ship the 1st order to a new address." WHAT! That makes no sense and why did you send an email telling me my order was CONFIRMED? Why did you take my money? Why would you not email or call me telling me you didn't ship it? "Well we need your email address." WHAT? You have it, you sent the confirmation and a 2nd email thanking me for my order with a coupon for my next order so again why did you not inform me? "Well we needed to confirm your email." This is crazy!

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