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Online shopping for convenience and great prices has quickly become the new normal in today’s consumerism society. Pet owners can conveniently find everything their pets need without ever leaving home. Plus, bargain hunters love the fact that the internet allows for instant cost comparisons. Although technology may help us be savvy shoppers, it’s still good to be cautious about what you purchase online, especially when it comes to your pet’s medications.

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In summary, many pet owners are seeking lower prices for medications needed by their pets through the use of online pet pharmacies. The best way to assure yourself that the medication you purchase is safe, has been stored properly, is genuine and has not been diverted is to purchase the medication directly from your veterinarian. The products we sell on our veterinary website meet all of these criteria and are competitively priced for our clients, eliminating the need for them to search out and be scammed by the less than legitimate online pharmacies that are currently operating.

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Veterinarians and online pharmacies have had a rocky relationship from the start. When online pharmacies first started selling medicines, many vets were worried that their already slim profit margins (even though vet care is expensive, most of what you pay your vet ends up going to his suppliers, his landlord, his employees, utility companies, the IRS, and regulatory agencies) would be reduced by the loss of income-generating drug sales. This concern has not panned out as expected. Well-managed veterinary hospitals do not derive much income from drug sales. In the hospitals where I have worked (and owned), medications were offered to clients more for their convenience than for our profit. And this makes sense. A veterinarian’s job is to manage the health of pets, not to sell drugs. So why is there a lingering animosity between vets and online pharmacies? Probably because some of my patients have received an expired or ineffective medicine from an online pharmacy, and I’m sure I’m not alone. My conversations with representatives from drug manufacturing companies assure me that this occurs on a relatively frequent basis. They also claim that some online pharmacies unwittingly distribute counterfeit medications that have no efficacy. In my opinion, if you order from a reputable online pharmacy the odds of receiving expired or counterfeit medicines are low, however, it does indeed occur on a regular basis.

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