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As the other reviewers have stated, Melbourne Central has everything you could want: fashion, homewares, food (high end and fast food) cinema, bars, gym, various services like nail salon, tailor, dry
cleaner. There's a Coles supermarket and a train station in the basement. Pet shop on the lower level is the best part ;)

Hey Melbourne Central pet shop: that's a replica bunny, not a real bunny. Also that 2nd bottle of Hutch Clean is drunk.

Why doesn't Melbourne Pet Shop sell manual water pump to clean aquarium BEFORE: No Water Pump at Pet Shop -@Pets - Melbourne Central Mall - Melbourne CBD VIC AFTER: Water Pump stock sold at@Pets Aquarium Fish Hobbies Melbourne-Central-Mall Our-Implemented-Suggestions Retail Water

Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe St (Swanston St)

Meg Bergemann it was from that bad pet shop at Melbourne central, probably rescuing them. Super cute baby bunny at a pet shop. That bunny is sooo adorable! 'meh my pillow stop moving and let me hug you baby'.

This is from a pet shop from underground melbourne central. I wanna get one so much but unfortunately I'm not a condition to look after that cutie T.T I hope someone nice will look after it well. Good luck honey bunny! xoxo

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Ethical Shop remind Pet owners to keep their dogs cool in summer Melbourne Central @Pets Great initiative. This store truly care about your pets and the store owner definitely is a pet lover. Do support this fantastic shop by purchasing your items from them. Quality Bettas Cute dogs rabbits and cats. Ideas Melbourne Pets Retail

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