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Pets also hold a special place in our hearts, and displaying a pet memorial in our home or garden reminds us of our dear and loyal companion. We use a special technique to meticulously convert your pet’s photograph into an engraved masterpiece. Our high-tech laser engraving machine can reveal the beautiful details of your pet’s fur…and personality! Anyone who has ever loved a pet will love seeing their furry friend’s photo engraved on a plaque. Remember your cat or dog forever with an engraved pet plaque.

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with Mounting Stake Look around your yard. Where was your pet's favorite place? Maybe you have thinking of planting a tree to remember your pet. Or you remember your pet getting in your way while weeding the flower garden. All these are great places to remember your pet. To do it right, have Pet Memorial Plaque made. Our plaques have stakes to make a fitting memorial to your pet any place you want. We have two choices, Acrylic Stone and Bronze Plaques. The Acrylic Stone Memorial Plaques are a good choice on a budget and will last for years to come. These 5" x 7" plaques have a unique stone look and feel, but are actually made from 100% acrylic. Looking closely at the corners are little dog bones or little cat paws to accent the memorial plaque. Install in your Garden or Backyard The stake is heave steel construction with a 5/16" sturdy Rod with a stabilizer to prevent spinning in the ground. This memorial plaque is perfect for a flower garden or some special place in your back yard to remember your special departed pet. The memorial plaque clips into the stake for easy mounting. Acrylic Stone Plaques are a great solution to the engraving plates we offer. Once installed they require little or no maintenance. Where the brass, nickel silver, etc. plates will require cleaning and spraying with polyurethane every couple of years to keep new looking. All Included Price For one price you get a line drawing logo of your bread of dog or cat - your pets name - birth and death dates - and a short saying like: "Most Loved Dog" "Bringer of Joy" "My friend, my partner, my defender, my dog" "Unconditional Love" Click the link below to Order Bronze Plaques will last for the next 100+ years. Our engraving plates will last for about 5 years outside. Many people want a more permanent solution. If you want elegance and to last generations, this is the answer for you. The Bronze Memorial Plaques come with a Brass Rod Stake Mount. You just stick it into the ground. Production time is about one month. Plaque Size: 4" x 6" Rod Size: 24" x 3/8" Bronze Plaque mounts at a 45 degree angle to the rod For one price you get a line drawing logo of your bread of dog or cat - your pets name - birth and death dates - and a short saying like: "Most Loved Dog" "Bringer of Joy" "My friend, my partner, my defender, my dog" "Unconditional Love" Order Now

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This is a small bronze plaque from our Honoring family members, loved ones, friends and pets is an incredibly important part of the grieving process when dealing with a major loss. Memorial plaques are a great step to honor the people you’ve lost, while making sure you remember them forever. Laser engraving captures pictures in perfect detail so you can capture some of your favorite moments.

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Our pets are like members of the family. A good pet’s photo engraved on a wooden plaque and displayed proudly in the home is a great reminder of fond memories. This makes a thoughtful gift for a family member who was particularly close with their pet. Laser engraving into wood has the ability to capture life-like details of fur. You can feel the dimensional effect of the laser engraving burned into the wood. Plaques are made in the U.S.A from solid alder with a light smooth finish, perfect for laser engraving pet photos and text.

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