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Don't Buy From The are buying from Puppy Mills...Stay Away from Mission Viejo Mall's Pet Store, too! – The Zoo Pet Store in Mission Viejo, CA buys its puppies from Lambriar. Lambriar is a Pet Broker or middleman that buy puppy mill pups and mom and pop homes who bred to make extra cash. Lambriar trucks pups each week on their routes to PET STORES throughout the US. Lambriar prints up Pedigree Certificates by Lambriar which is meaningless. The owner is duping you when she says these are high quality dogs. They are not. Most ido not have AKC registration...because it is too cost.y. The pups have CKC registrations which is much cheaper. Be prepared for high vet bills. Sometimes, families don't have pups with problems...but expect deromodex, hip displacia, heart problems, pink eye, cancers, kidney failure....and tears! Rescue a dog or buy a dog directly from a reputable breeder where you see the parents and the breeder requires a spay/neuter contract to avoid people breeding for fun or cash. Breeding should be done for the betterment of the breed. Oprah had a show on puppy mill with Lisa Ling from the View. It was heartbreaking and no one had a dry eye. Oh forgot to tell you that the owner of the Zoo thinks that the Mission Viejo Mall's Pet Store has the sickest animals. Where do they get their dogs. From Lambriar of course.

Adoption event THIS Saturday at Kahoots Pet Store in Mission Viejo 11:00am to 3:00 pm

MISSION VIEJO – Barkworks at the Shops at Mission Viejo has closed its doors, the latest pet store in Orange County to shut down in recent months.

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Pet Stores | Mission Viejo, CA Those eyes! That tail! Every pet owner wants to give their furry, feathered or finned friend the best pet foods, treats, toys, vet care and more, but are you really informed enough to do so? At Pet Stop Warehouse in Mission Viejo, CA we offer you only the finest pet products to choose from, so you can’t make a wrong choice with our Pet accessories, best cat & dog food and Natural Balance Dog Food. With over 100 brand names from ethical companies manufacturing top-of-the-line goods, you’ll only get the best here. And, to continue responsible pet ownership, we will help you with guidance, education and product selection; just ask us! Whether you need help with a nutritious kitten food, puppy training or aquarium treatments for fish, we can help. Come in and browse our pet store in Mission Viejo and see the difference our pet people make. Redeem our printable natural and best cat and dog Food coupons in Mission Viejo, CA to save on your next pet accessories, pet food or pet product purchase.

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MISSION VIEJO -- Barkworks at the Shops at Mission Viejo has closed its doors, the latest pet store in Orange County to shut down in recent months.

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Adoption event tomorrow at Kahoots Pet Store in Mission Viejo 10-2pm. Come on out to see and just maybe we have the perfect fur-baby you are looking for! See you thenBy working together, Best Friends Animal Society volunteers and Coalition member Found Animals Foundation helped facilitate the transformation of a puppy mill-supplied pet store into a high-end adoption facility. The Barkworks pet store at the Mission Viejo mall had been the scene of peaceful protests. Compassionate volunteers educated the public on where that "doggie in the window" actually came from: a puppy mill. Barb Holcomb was one of the dedicated animal lovers who spent her weekends and evenings volunteering for Best Friends and spreading the word at this location for four years.