Monitor you pet remotely with the Motorola Scout1 Pet Monitor System

In an earlier post, I described the Motorola Scout 600 Pet Monitor which allows you to watch your pet in a different room or within a 520 foot range. The new WiFi Pet Monitor takes monitoring your pets through video surveillance to a new level, so that you can monitor the activities of your pet through your smartphone or any wireless device that uses WiFi.

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It’s great to be able to see your pet when you are in a different room and cannot supervise them directly. A system like this is perfect for breeders who want to keep a close eye on a female about to whelp or a litter of pups, or someone who is caring for a convalescing pet. The Motorola Scout 600 pet monitor is designed to allow you to keep in touch with your pet in a range of up to 520 feet, without breaking the piggy bank. The video monitor of the Scout 600 showcases a full 2.4” full color LCD screen with digital pan and tilt functionality and infrared night vision to allow you to monitor your pet in low light conditions.

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Watch your pets from virtually anywhere with the Motorola SCOUT66, a WiFi pet video monitor system! Like the other pet video monitors from Motorola, the is a digital wireless device that helps you monitor your pets. The Scout 1100 takes the indoor pet monitors one step further so that you can also monitor your pets while they are outdoors.

Safe at Home with the Motorola Scout 66 Wi-Fi HD Pet Monitor

is an additional outdoor camera for use with the Scout 1100 and Scout 1500 pet video monitor systems from Motorola. This additional camera allows you to expand your existing Scout 1100 or Scout 1500 system, which are pet video monitors that help you keep a close on your pets while they are outdoors.

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Motorola Scout1100 Remote Wireless Outdoor Video Children, Backyard or Pet Monitor with 3.5-Inch Color LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision and Remote Camera Pan, Tilt and ZoomCatch live action, record video and take snapshots of your pets from anywhere with the Motorola Scout1 Wi-Fi Video PET Monitor camera with Remote Pan, Tilt and Digital Zoom. Home or away, Motorola's SCOUT1 makes keeping an eye on your pet convenient and fun. PetSmart: $299.99Have you ever wished that you could see what your pets are up to while you’re not home? Well, now you can. Earlier this month, my family went on vacation to Southern California. My first priority in preparing for the trip was to arrange care for our dogs, so we hired a petsitter. I knew our dogs would be spending time home alone while we were gone, so in came the Motorola Scout66 Wi-Fi pet video monitoring system. The Scout66 is perfect for pet owners who wish to check in on their pets throughout the day. The monitoring system allowed me to have peace of mind that our pets and home were safe while we were on vacation. I was able to speak to and play music for my Chihuahua, who tends to have separation anxiety. The camera also has a temperature gauge, and it was reassuring to know the temperature in my home and that the dogs were not overheating.The Motorola Scout66 has given me confidence that my pets are safe and happy when I’m away. I was blown away by the many features, especially the two-way communication and the clarity of the picture. I highly recommend it to all pet parents that want to check in on their pets when they aren’t home. If you would like to get your own Scout66 pet video monitoring system, follow to Motorola’s website.