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The Sara Multi-Level Small Animal Cage is a paradise for ferrets and other small animals. This tiered cage features a bounty of entertainment for little animals, with plenty of room for exercise and lounging. This cage includes everything you need to...

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Durability: Some multi level rabbit cages are in fact dog crates that can house dogs up to 70 lbs. This means that you can easily keep two adult sized rabbits on the top cage without worrying about the bottom giving away under the weight of the pets. However, if it’s a rabbit cage or a small animal cage, then you should avoid keeping heavy pets in the top crate. Keep them in the lower tiers and house the lightweight rabbits or juveniles in the top tier. If it’s a wire mesh design, look for quality metallic wire that is chew-proof.

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Small Pet Home Multi Level Cage Hamsters Rats Guinea Pigs Ferrets Small Animals At Custom Cages, we take great care to manufacture high quality multi level customized cages to our customers. Our multi level Hybrid enclosures provide the customer the ability to house several types of species. Our enclosures are extremely versatile, and can come with dividers or be custom-built to include as many levels or units as you need! Our Hybrid cages are appropriate for birds, reptiles, cats, small animals and other various types of animals. Instead of conforming to one particular type of enclosure, Custom Cages always selects the best materials for each function for our Hybrid cages. For example, the doors on our standard bird, reptile and small enclosures are clear acrylic or glass so that you can view your pet easily, and the top and sides are stainless steel wire mesh so that birds and small animals can get air flow. Finally, the back of our enclosures are made with laminate or a custom background to give the cage a professional, classy finishing touch! The end result is not one particular type of enclosure, but a “Hybrid®” of all different types of multi level enclosures to give you the best of all worlds!

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Our multi level custom cages can apply for small animals as well! Use our optional pull out dividers to separate the cage to house several types of small animals if you need. Our Hybrid multi level custom cages for small pets include many options to choose from, including hoods, stands, pull out floors and trays, image backgrounds, feeders and feeder systems, toys, furniture, hammocks and more!

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