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Hey. I have a lv 44 Orc hunter and I just trained king b. ( lv 43 elite) and he did the shrink thing where he gets all small. But I always see higher levels with king b. And he looks huge! How do I make my pet big?

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You can take away the '?' the training is account wide. I spent the fee on my main server, but have the ability to pet battle on all 6 of my servers (3 H, 3 A).

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Do I understand correct that my pet wont gain any loyalty and therefor no training points?

Ok the last one didn't work well...
I was also an area trainer for PS for over 5 yrs. I came to the job with over 10 yrs of experience. I know one thing for sure, PS DOESN'T care about the dogs, the "pet parent" or "total life time care" all they care about is that weekly goal. The manager was (is) horrible to her employees and to most clients. The person they replaced my position with has never trained anything past her dogs at home and NOW in a few months she can train others??? There is little training to begin with and no continueing training. These people are even spraying bitter apple in the dogs mouth because they bark!!! They tell their clients this. Even after they have been told by the vet that its dangerous!!! PS and their training program is a joke!!! They have some very talented trainer that really know what they are talking about but they treat them so badly they don't last. To all of you...Do as I did...get out and then take the away from them. Its the only way to "SAVE LIFES!!!!!"

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Board-and-train services involve leaving your pet in the trainer’s kennels for a specified period of time. Be sure that you know and agree with the methods that your board-and-train or day training professional plans to use, since you will not be there to supervise. This method should also provide a training package with instruction for you. Board-and-train and day training programs are only effective if the trainer teaches you some skills so that you can maintain your pet’s new behaviors after her training is done.

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Once i untrained my pet. I was lvl 58 back then (1 months ago, roughly), and wasn't the first time i've untrained my pet. And defintely wasn't my first week of wow.I have been working with Oscar's Pet Resort since 2007. Along with offering Private -, Daycare- and Boarding training, I hold a special place in my heart for puppies. In 2011 I initiated my Puppy Program that centers on early socialization and training, both of which impact a dog's confidence and manners at a very critical developmental life stage. I also enjoy offering Agility for Fun, group and private sessions to provide mental and physical stimulation, as well as further deepening the bond between dog and owner.