I think I might name my fish BUBBLES!!!!!

I named my goldfish Sunny, because his shine reminds me of the Sunshine. Also his color is very warm orange :) I try to avoid the most popular names for my pets. It is so funny to call them something original! For example my hoplo`s name is Pedro :D and my guinea pig is Grizabella. The bettas are Ariel and Shogun ;)

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I've named my fish and invertebrates using heuristics

We actually didn’t use any of the names but it gave us a good idea on some other ones that started to route from other things that we enjoy it from a video game. Video games are great place to actually steal some pet names from because they’re funny and if you go with the older games you can actually get other people that remember them and you can converse about them together. My husband and myself actually named one of the fish from an actor from a movie that’s 20 years old as well that’s pretty funny. It used to be a rare occurrence to find a pet named after a human, like Roger, Fred, Myrtle or Bertha, but human names and pets go together like peanut butter and jelly these days. Pet owners used to get a kick out of introducing their goldfish as "George" or "Ebenezer," but these names are now commonplace. Traditional goldfish names like Goldie, Skipper, Blackie and Bubbles have long been some of the more popular names chosen by fish owners. However, recent trends have started to show that many goldfish aficionados are beginninging to name their pets a little more creatively. If you need naming inspiration for your pet, consider the following suggestions. Some goldfish owners like to name their pets after their favorite celebrity or some other famous person. In some cases, the goldfish is named after a celebrity it reminds its owner of, like a prima donna goldfish named Paris Hilton or a rough and tumble goldfish named Charles Bronson. There are also the fictional character names for goldfish, like Little Lord Fauntleroy and Zorro.