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The National Geographic Photo Ark is a multi-year effort with photographer Joel Sartore to photograph all captive species and save these animals before many disappear.

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The National Geographic Photo Ark is a project committed to documenting every species in captivity—inspiring people not just to care, but also to help protect these animals for future generations.

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[Animals] - Discovery Channel Documentary - National Geographic DocumentaryYou can see more Animals at here:Vietnam travel: Geographer James Cheshire and designer Oliver Uberti (formerly of National Geographic) have dipped into this deluge of data to create 50 beautiful and engaging maps that reveal the wanderings of animals captured by satellites, camera traps, drones, and other tools. The result is , .

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Wild Animals - SAHARA DESERT ANIMALS - National Geographic HD
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National Geographic published thousands of images of wildlife in print and online in 2016. Our favorites were the ones that captured a vulnerable animal at a vulnerable moment. Two National Geographic photographers, and , were named Wildlife Photographers of the Year by the in London for their work photographing threatened orangutans in Borneo (Laman) and dwindling vulture populations across Africa (James). Joel Sartore’s portrait series continues to add new species to the photographic record of life on Earth.Indeed, Uberti says, the impetus for was a map he made to accompany a 2007 National Geographic . The map illustrated the path of an African elephant killed by poachers. “Working on that story was the first time a map had ever engaged me in the life of an individual animal, and the shift in consciousness it provoked was irreversible,” Uberti says in .That experience inspired him to return and document the animals for National Geographic’s first YouTube series, , which launches August 3.For a continent that is known for its amazing wildlife, these are the biggest of the big. These magnificent beasts are Africa's "big five."
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