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Cherise Bransfield remembers back when her now teenage daughters were toddlers, and taking a walk into Newtonville Pets on Walnut Street was like a trip to an amusement park.

Kathy Devaney cleans a rodent cage in Newtonville Pets last month before it closed.

Newtonville Pets have announced that they will be closing soon, and Waban’s Freeze will shut its doors today for the last time. Newbury comics a few months ago. All appear to be closing for very different reasons, but it does mean that we have empty storefronts in our village centers and commercial corridors.

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‘It really is the end of an era.’ - Mayor Setti Warren, on the closing of the independently owned store Newtonville Pets With items like pet apparel and pet toys, your pet will be in heaven. It's important to keep your furry or scaly friend healthy, so look into the health services offered here including healthcare. Give your pet the meal of a lifetime with items such as bowls and other feeders, and watch them leap with joy. Make sure your pet has a comfortable place to call home. Check out Newtonville Pet's large selection of pet apparel and pet toys. If you're on the market for some new pet supplies, such as carriers, you can find a great selection of supplies here.

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Lessie who is the awesome dog groomer at Newtonville Pet will be working at Especially for Pets in Upper Falls now. She is one of the hardest working women that I know and I hope that anyone who goes to her for her dog grooming services tips her at least 20% if not more because she deserves every penny for lifting heavy dogs in and out of bathtubs and enduring testy dogs who nip at her etc.

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Like the Bransfields and Warrens, countless other kids grew up visiting the puppies and other animals at Newtonville Pets, where many said their kids not only learned to love dogs but also how to handle and treat them properly.I was reading some of the reviews and comments on this page about Newtonville Pet. First let me say, I have been going into this store for many, many years. My oldest is now 24 and my youngest is turning 18. I bought my oldest his first turtle, bunny, hamster, guinea pig, and many a dog here. Oh, I can not forget the fish. I believe if I count right, we have purchased 6 dogs there over the years. Not to mention the bunnies, the hamsters, and so on. As far as puppy mill dogs, my dad took my kids there one day back when my oldest was in 3rd. Grade, he bought a pekinese and a Lhapso. We lost our Butterball two years ago due to an accident and we lost Willy this year. They were 13 and 15 years old. They lived a long time and were never sick. I still have the other 4 dogs, Border Collie is 9 years old, 3 Shitzu's 7-3-& 2 years old. We had another Shitzu from there, our baby Vito, he died two years ago from an accident also. Both my dogs were attacked in our backyard by another animal. But my points, they have all been loving, healthy pets. As far as being favorable to others, not true, being a long time customer and having purchased many animals from them, we wanted one puppy and there was another family interested as well, the other family got the dog, both Peggy and Steve felt badly, but they put toehold on first. If they had favorites, I would think I would of been chosen since I have been such a long time customer. Unless they do not like me and I am unaware of it, I think they are fair. Newtonville Pet is the last of the pet stores. I have often said to my kids that both Steve and Peggy are so nice and have such patience to let people bring their kids in there with no intentions of buying an animal to play with the animals. Believe me, I have had somethings that upset me with the store on the way they handled a couple of things, but not everything is perfect in any business. But, a majority of the good outweigh the bad.