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As Omaha’s Tully’s Kennels and Pets R Us stores expected to see dozens of people looking to buy puppies today, they’ve also been seeing dozens of peaceful protesters in addition. Volunteers from Nebraska’s Bailing Out Benji chapter educated the public with signs and literature that explain where it says the doggies in the windows come from. Rescue groups like Hands, Hearts, and Paws, Hearts United for Animals, and Muddy Paws also provided support. This is not great news for the Omaha pet stores. This is wonderful news for those who hope to initiate change, go to bat for puppy mill dogs, and promote animal welfare.

Sep 1, 2012 - One Omaha pet store tells the customers that the puppies come from a farm in Iowa

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Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Omaha, NE. This is, by now, common knowledge to many people. To bring awareness to this, the Nebraska Chapter of Bailing Out Benji has staged Peaceful Protests of Puppy Stores & Puppy Mills at the two Omaha pet store locations.

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Its sad you people are so “glad” petlands closeing when several other stores in omaha should be shut down. petlands puppies are well taken care of and come from breeders. a vet checks them in before they are even put up for sale. go down the road to rockbrook and check out pets r us theres a store that should be shut down. or tulleys what a joke.. petland was the only store in omaha where you could get a quality healthy pet, dog cat small animal reptile. they definatly had the best quality. sad to see them close up.

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On April 23, 2017, Nebraska’s chapter of Bailing Out Benji was joined by a number of rescues and dozens of people to protest Tully’s Kennels and Pets R Us in Omaha. These two stores are the only pet stores in Omaha that sell puppies and purport to get them (for hundreds, if not over a thousand dollars) from “small family breeders.” Protesters maintain that the small family breeders are actually commercial dog breeding facilities where the sale of a dog is more important than the care given to it. These are what we all call puppy mills.